Z is for Zeal

Six Sentences From Atop My Soapbox

Pursue your passion!

Are you happy with  how you spend your days, does your job feel right for you?  What is it that you wish you could be doing, what do you feel passionate about?  It isn't good enough to slog through your days in robot mode, never feeling excited or challenged by why you do.  Ask yourself what you could change or add to your life that would give you a sense of satisfaction.  Then, instead of listing all the reasons why you can't make it happen, make a list of things you can do - even small steps -that will keep you moving toward the fulfillment of  your dream.  Be zealous in following the direction of your heart, it knows what you were meant to do!
This is the final post written for the amazing
involving over 2000 participants from around the world!
A to Z Challenge


  1. Love your blog title! Just found you from "the list" and will be checking back now and again :)

  2. Yes, there are a couple of dormant dreams. They will take a while, though. Small steps.

  3. Taking part in the A to Z Challenge seems to have reminded me what it is like to be excited.

    In fact, it was through your blog that I learned about the blogging challenge. When I came here in the middle of March, I found the A to Z badge and followed the link, which has made all the difference.

    Thank you for your kind comments in my blog.
    I am coming back soon for the next writing prompts, though I am not sure if I can think of anything interesting to write about them.

    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Congratulations, Zoe! You did a great job with the challenge this year, as you did last year. You chose the perfect theme.

  5. Ya know, the gods are testing me lately with this very thing. I know where I want to go and at least have some idea of how I want to get there but roadblocks keep popping up. I'm doing my best to dodge them but this week has been rough.

  6. Very great letter Z! Congratulations on making it to the end! : )


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