Y is for Yield

Six Sentences From Atop My Soapbox

Yield to the direction of your heart!

It has been said that some solid, concrete people are mixed up and set in their ways.  It is easy to become rigid in our thinking over the course of time.  Sometimes we become so entrenched in what we believe that we are unwilling or unable to open our minds to another way of thinking.  It is our ignorance about those who are different from us that causes us to fear them; fear leads to hatred.  We have a choice though, we can yield to what our hearts are trying to tell us.  We can begin to believe that we are all one family... we can treat each other with love and compassion... we can surrender to the ways of peace.

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  1. Love this post and this hop.
    Hope I did you well this week!

  2. May i keep my mind open to new possibilities and to hear and respect different opinions, but not so open that my brains fall out and i quit doing critical thinking on my own.

  3. Good stuff soul sis. As always. ;))
    Love ya

  4. I like to think I keep a pretty open mind.

  5. Much of the way we are may have been instilled in us by our parents or or upbringing but later we discover that we are truly individual and have distinct qualities of our own. When I see my children and grandchildren I hope there is part of me coming out in them but at the same time there is something unique as well.


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