W is for Walk

Six Sentences From Atop My Soapbox

Walk your talk!

"Walk your talk" - easy to say, harder to do.  I'm sure to many of you it seems like I've spent the A-Z pontificating (I love that word), and giving the impression that I've got it all together and feel entitled to preach.  Far from it, my friends - these mini-sermons from atop my soapbox are as much a reminder for me as they are for you.  I am a work in progress and although this is who I aspire to be, I'm not fully there yet; some days I'm not even within range.  At the times when I am able to "walk the talk" and practice what I preach, I feel so good about life, and better about myself too.  It is important to me that what I say to others is not only what I truly believe, but what my actions reflect.  The people I want to be part of my life are the same way... they are not all just talk, they are what they claim to be - they are real!
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  1. My Mother had many faults, but she always told us that if we didn't keep our manners on, we'd never get invited to the White House to eat dinner. I'm still waiting on that invitation.

  2. Many things worth striving to do are difficult and worth it. Walking your talk is one of them. Good for you that you keep trying.

  3. well put! I have so enjoyed all your A-z's

  4. Hey great post! I like your pontificating. I hope you are enjoying the challenge of A-Z. Keep up the good stuff.

  5. Always a work in progress, a clay creation atop the Potter's Wheel.

  6. Another fabulous post Josie. Your sermons are encouraging and thought provoking.


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