Thankful Thoughts - April 27th

I've been so busy writing away on A-Z posts this month that I haven't really taken any time out to share some of the things I'm thankful for.  Today seems like a good day to do that...

1) So many of my favorite bloggers have participated in A-Z this month that it's been a virtual smorgasbord of  good stuff to read!  I haven't began to get around to everyone or all their posts yet, but little by little, I will!  Sticking with a theme for a whole month is always challenging, and it feels good when you see the finish line closing in and can say "I did it!"

2) The work situation I was worried about earlier has resolved itself satisfactorily. One attorney left and won't be replaced, the other one opted to stay.  Another case manager has been hired.  It's worked out well for everyone concerned.  There will always be intrigue and issues no matter where you work, but if you can keep yourself on an even keel, you will usually weather the storm... or realize that it's time to find a new harbor.  For now, I am content to stay where I am.

3) I continue to play Words With Friends... a lot.  Not only has it worked wonders for my relationships with my sisters, but I find my ability improving which means that brain exercise pays off. :-)

4) I "mended fences" on a relationship that had broken. I never feel good about things that end in a bad way, so giving it another try and will see where it goes.  "Blessed are the peacemakers..."

5)  I am not a coffee drinker, but I live on iced-tea.  As I made yet another pitcher of tea this morning  I noted what a blessing it is to have an automatic icemaker in my fridge.  I remember well the old days of filling multiple ice cube trays and using them sparingly so that you would have enough until more could freeze. Then I had to laugh at myself - if filling ice cube trays is bothersome, my life is amazingly easy compared to what many in the world must endure!

6) I did better this week on not letting the stress get to me.  While my work days are busy, and I'm usually very tired by the time I get home, I worked harder on keeping my attitude in check and my blood pressure down.  It was a better week because of that, and I don't dread Monday as much.

7) Papa Bear has the patience of a saint!  I look around the dusty house (which will be more so by end of day due to the dirt storm blowing outside) and love him for not fussing as I sit here to write this post and enjoy a little tv time with him.  It will all get done in good time, but dusting is not my first priority in life, and I'm glad it's not his!

8) In less than four weeks we'll road-tripping - headed to Arkansas/Tennessee/Mississippi to celebrate our grandson Jacob's graduation, and then to spend three wonderful days with my own two kids!  I don't have to tell you how much I'm looking forward to the time away with him and all of them!

9) I have bean and ham soup simmering in the crockpot to have with cornbread for supper... perfect meal for a dusty/windy Spring day in West Texas.

10) I am so thankful for the many very real relationships that began here as blogging encounters. Not only do my Internet friends enrich my life, but the provide me with an opportunity to encourage them and enrich theirs.  This month a few friends that I blogged with in past years have returned to the blogsphere, I am delighted  about that!
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  1. Josie my wwf happy to see you here! Sounds like work settled nicely. Have a blast on your trip! Thanks for playing and keeping me sharp!!!

  2. road trip!! very cool, (this mere mention) inspires me to work harder to have the resources to get in at least one road trip this year!

  3. Where in Tenn. will you be? Great list! I am enjoying the A-Z too, and am determined to make it to the finish line!

  4. AW Josie! What a precious list of thankfuls... Road trips and visiting kids and grandkid and dust NOT being a priority and controlling your stress and- most of all your bold and faithful step to take that risk and honor such a noble cause...

    "Blessed are the peacemakers..."

    I swear God will bless you for it. He's good like that!

  5. I've heard of this Word with Friends - but I haven't tried it yet. It's probably wise I do not - it sounds like one I would really really enjoy.
    Definitely thankful at how my blogging community has enriched my life. They don't replace my family, or my "see" friends: they just add to a network of support and encouragement that surrounds me. Now how can that be a bad thing? and... they often understand me better than those who "know" me.

  6. We are back to ice making season, and every year i promise myself i'm going to get more trays. Every year i put it off, though, and make do. It's nice to have automatic stuff, but even without it, at least i have electricity to make ice, so i'm grateful, too.

  7. Yay for WWF!!! :D You are a formidable opponent - I love it!
    This is a great list - OK, well, maybe except for the ham and beans thing. HATE IT! Always have. :P But aside from that, this is a blessed and wonderful list indeed. Glad things at work are, uh, working out - sorry, unintentional but I'm going with it.
    Have a wonderful week!

  8. Great post and what wonderful things you have, I like your attitude to work, stressing is never good and I can see your sense of expectation in your trip away, connecting wit family and gkids is always a great thing. I'm with you in dusting as well, hmm...sadly not my best quality.

  9. Josie,
    This is such a wonderful post. I might have to copy you on Sundays....
    And as for WWF - what is your id? let's play!

  10. I LOVED reading this !! You know what Miss Wendy? I love your writing and you. Biggest hugs. :)

  11. So glad your work situ has worked out well. That's really, really good :)


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