S is for Silence

Six Sentences From Atop My Soapbox

Silence is a gift to be cherished

I have worked in offices with phones ringing non-stop all day long that I have learned to love silence. My favorite time is Saturday morning without a sound in my house except the clicking of my keyboard and the purring of my cats.

I know several people who can't abide the quiet, and must have some kind of noise - tv or at least music going every waking minute, and I think that's sad.  Music can be wonderful company, and there are a few tv shows I like to watch, but how do we ever hear what our heart and soul are trying to tell us if we are never in a quiet place long enough to listen?

I challenge you to grow comfortable with silence... step away from technology and find a pretty place outside or a comfy place inside, and use the quiet to read, write, meditate, or pray.  There is a restfulness in chosen silence, our heart rate and breathing slow, our muscles relax; give yourself the gift of silence for at least a little while each day.
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  1. Good stuff Josie! I enjoy silence too. Today Spring break is over and my daughter is back at school and my husband is back at work. It is just me and the dog. I'm enjoying the silence now. Soon I will have clear those breakfast dishes and run out to the vet and the grocery store, and it will be noisy again.

  2. I too enjoy the silence, the quieter the better. I have a frog in my backyard.... and that is the most calming sound ever!!

  3. I generally need some background noise. Complete silence freaks me out.

  4. I like silence. I would like at least one hour of silence for myself every day, though it is not always possible.

    "Listening is the beginning of prayer." -- I am deeply impressed with the quote.

  5. ahhhh silence truly is golden!

  6. If i don't get just a bit of quiet time each day, i'm not sure what would happen to my moods, but i dare say my family wouldn't like whatever it is that would happen.

  7. I crave silence but rarely get it. When I lived alone, it was a huge part of my life but with a wife and a daughter now? It is rare. Bing is one of those people that you spoke of who can't abide silence and I often wonder why that is. She MUST have music on wherever she is and she loves jazz the most. Jazz makes me feel like someone is snapping rubber bands at me, so we often have to compromise. She puts her ear buds in or I grit my teeth. And a teenager in the house is just noisy business, plain and simple....

  8. Ok, this is just getting strange. I started to write a silence post yesterday and I was going to open with the fact that some people seem to be more afraid of silence than they are of anything else. Nothing annoys me more than when I am enjoying some nice quiet time at work on break or lunch and someone sits down next to me and won't shut up. I like my quiet time, its how I refresh my brain.

  9. I need silence. When there is more than a day or two that I do not have some silence I get cranky and a bit depressed. I once had a roommate that from the moment she woke up until she went to sleep...and I turned off the TV and radio...there was noise. It was awful. I am happy with just me and Teddy and an occasional visitor.


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