R is for Real

Six Sentences From Atop My Soapbox

“Share your weaknesses. Share your hard moments. Share your real side." - Dan Pearce
It is very important to me that the people in my life are real - genuine, and that is what I also strive to be.  I am very much a "what you see is what you get" person, I am not into pretenses or playing games.  I shoot straight forward and most often speak what is on my mind; that gets me into trouble sometimes, people take my directness as arrogance.  It is not that, it is simply a desire to communicate openly, to let you know what I think and feel.  When we are real, we can reach out to other and share our journey for a while - being real helps us to connect without hidden agendas, and enables us to understand each other on more than a surface level.   I have made many poor choices in life, but I have nothing to hide; everything I've experienced has made me who I am...  it has helped me become real. 
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  1. People who hide behind a facade end up wondering why they aren't accepted when others find out who they really are. Save time, be real to begin.

  2. oh YES!!! Save me from poseurs.

  3. I love this post Josie! Like you, I'm a straight-shooter ----hoping to attract the same from others. Life feels more real when we share and can relate to eachother's trials. Make such a huge difference. I think that's what attracted me to you. And I'm so grateful for that kind of connection. So hard to find at times. xoxo

  4. Sometimes, it is not easy to be 'real, ' but it is often more difficult not to be real.

  5. 3 for 3 and I already know the next one is the same. I almost titled my R post Real, though it wasn't about movies. I think we may have spent too much time together!.

    On the subject, I think people are afraid to be real because they are afraid of the judgements of others. It makes me sad for them but I do understand. It can be hard to put yourself out there, say what you really mean (not in a mean way but in a true way) and be that open. Rejection is a very real fear and there is no worse rejection than people not liking the real you.

    I understand that, I just wish more people understood that a lot of people do understand. While there are a lot of mean folks out there, most people are kind and willing to give people a chance. You have to be willing to take a chance to be given a chance. Hmmmm, that was kind of profound!


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