Perhaps I Am A Mugwump

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Tonight I'm taking a bit of time out from the A-Z to write a post for Brenda's weekly writing prompt "Pondering".  She's been on hiatus for awhile, but is back with a wonderful new blog called BYG Adventures and "Pondering" has returned!  Her writing prompt for this week is "mug"... 

Perhaps I am a mugwump, one who doesn't align themselves with one side or another when it comes to matters of politics or any other subject.  It's not that I am a fence-sitter, unable or unwilling to decide which way to go, but rather that I don't let group mentality lead me into places I don't belong. 

I have my own mind, beliefs, and system of values, and I'd much rather think through things and evaluate them on my own than have someone, or worse yet some group, tell me what I out to think and be.

God gave us a mind for discernment, and a heart to lead is in the right direction, and too often I've noted that groups tend to go astray. 

So you may call me a mugwump, I'll wear the title gladly; I'd much rather be a mugwump than a puppet in the play.
If you'd like a break from the ABC's stop over at BYG Adventures and link up a mug post, or even a mugshot of your own! :-)


  1. I am the same way. I have my obvious ideology but it is not in line with any single way of thinking. I understand that it's easier for people to lump people together, especially if they disagree with you, but I am my own person. My ideology is my own, regardless of which side it aligns with one any given subject.

  2. Mugwumps unite then! I must be one too. We do entirely too much lumping of people and ideology together these days, generalizing far too often, before we really know all perspectives.

  3. Yes! It's good to be a mugwump, and i relish a good discussion of issues. At the end, we may not always agree, but we can come to understand each other's perspective, agree that we disagree and why, and still be friends. People who have their heads so far up their politics and talk in sound bytes put out by their party can't do that.

  4. Love the word! and yes I think I am a mugwump too!
    Thanks for pondering with me


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