P is for Persevere

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"Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial..." - James 1:12
Many years ago I was given two personal directives... one is to encourage, the other is to persevere.  Little did I know back then how much I would be putting those words to use in my life.  Persevering - standing strong in the face of difficulties, failure, or opposition - hasn't been easy.  We tend to have so little belief in our own inner strength and ability to cope with situations that we quickly flounder and give up.  It has taken me years to discover that with God's help I can get through anything.  I believe in the wisdom of prayer and perseverance, I know that with time and determination things will work out. 
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  1. I think that the opposite of persevere is to wither up and blow away.
    You have the inner strength not to allow that to happen and now you have achieved much happiness.
    Happy Easter!

  2. You've said it correctly -- with G-d's help, we can get through anything. It's a hard lesson to learn.

  3. Persevere is my middle name -- we're so similar, despite my addition. I can't stay *down* for too long. Back with I was 15-16, going through my first BF and heartbreak thereafter, I'd break down and cry and cry. Mom would listen to me for only so long, then she'd get angry and say "Come on Ruby! Come on! You're better than this!" She said that forcefully and aggressively -- I knew she meant business. Those words still haunt and help me. She taught me perseverance and not to remain a victim. Fight back! At the time, I thought she was being heartless, but an hour later, I felt stronger despite my heartbreak. She was right all along. Thank you for this poignant reminder. xoxoxo


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