O is for One

Six Sentences From Atop My Soapbox

One can make a difference
Everything about life as you know it can change in one moment.  We can get through whatever life brings us if we learn to take things one day, one hour, and sometimes even one breath at a time.  One person reaching out to take our hand, one kind word, one smile can make all the difference, it can give us the courage to go on.  One negative person can poison an environment for others; one positive person can make it happy place to be.  One prayer sent on the wings of faith can move mountains. Realizing that we are all one family could bring peace to the world.
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  1. If not with me, then how will it start?

  2. It's amazing how one person can make a day brighter and it only takes one person to bring the rain. One is more powerful than people give it credit for.

  3. You brighten my day with your kind and supportive words daily! I thank God for you daily, even though we've never met. God bless you, Josie xoxo


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