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Be a seeker of light
I have at times dwelt in places of great darkness, evil places where sadness and chaos reigned.  I can say that I was led there, lured by intrigue and the charismatic personalities of those who control such realms; but I have to take responsibility for my choices, and I do.  I went willingly, like a sheep to slaughter, and failed to leave at the first indication of trouble, loyal to a fault. It was a miserable existence, a place of fear and great despair; it took a long time for me to break free of that.

I can attest then, with a good deal of knowledge, to what it to come from that place into the Light, to be released from all that held you captive, to feel safe and acceptable, and surrounded by love.  I now know where beauty lies, the true source of a soul's attraction, and I always seek the Light; in the Light is where I choose to dwell. 
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  1. Very good Josie! I'm glad you found the light!

  2. You are right about those who lead to darkness have charismatic personalities, and i'm glad you were able to break free.

  3. The dark is a fun place to play but I wouldn't want to live there.

  4. The dark is so knows how to draw you in. So happy you have chosen to leave the dark behind and live in the Light where you were created to be.

  5. I love this post josie-- as I too, choose to dwell in the light, like you. Although it's damn hard, since I'm attracted to the dark tunnel that is my internal hell. It calls to me in my darkest moments, brought on by my addictions. So much easier to be a martyr ... with excuses. I catch myself languishing in darkness. And it's so sad, because I know so many are trapped in that hamster wheel, and never do anything about it.It's hard to work on one's self. So much easier to blame others....and society.

  6. The dark is always alluring especially when one has been in the light for too long but it's always a joy to find the light especially after staying in the dark. Glad your seeker found the light.


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