J is for Joy

Six Sentences From Atop My Soapbox

Choose to live a joyful life!
For me, joy describes an awareness and a state of being; it runs much deeper than a burst of happiness, or a moment of fun.  People sometimes spend their whole lives searching for joy, trying to find it in some place or some other person, when the truth is that the capacity for joy dwells within each one of us.

We can make a conscious choice to be joyful; we can experience joy even when everything seems be to going wrong.  No matter what is occurring at the moment, we can always find blessings to count that will reassure us and remind us that, despite temporary struggles, life itself is beautiful and good.

The greatest sources of joy can be found in celebrating small moments and performing acts of  kindness for others.  Nothing makes you feel better about yourself and life than knowing you've done something which gave someone else a reason to smile.
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  1. Gratitude leads to joy! Thank you for the reminder to live joyfully.

  2. Josie -- nice post --- please look for my FB video post's the one with subtitles. It's about a guy in china who turns life's challenges into a way where he eventually feels the emotions of happiness and peace after honoring others with acts of kindness. I think you will relate. I couldn't stop watching it. All I want in life is happiness and peace.... and this actor demonstrated it. Please comment. I'd love to know your thoughts. Love you so much sweet lady.... xoxo

  3. Some of my best days are spent just being silly for the amusement of others. Bringing them smiles makes me smile. On a more meta scale, I am happy because I choose to be happy. Sometimes life does get me a little down and I'll mope for a bit. But I rebound quickly as I remember how much I enjoy so much of life. If you want to be happy, be happy.

  4. I love this - so so true about joy. It IS very different from temporary flashes of happiness that so many people seek in different places. I am finding myself more joyful as I age, and see life through the lens of gratitude. Joy can be found in the center of contentedness and God's great goodness.



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