H is for Hope

Six Sentences From Atop My Soapbox

Never ever give up hope! 
Long ago I was in a very dark relationship, and I saw no means of ever escaping it. I had one dear friend who would call me up every Saturday night after my husband went out, listen to my woes, and assure me that the opportunity for change would come, that down the road things would be different in my life.  I so wanted to believe him, so I clung to that tiny shred of hope like the lifeline it was, and several years later I was finally able to walk away from that abuse.  Later on I found myself in another long-term marriage that was so horrible I didn't care if I lived or died, dying seemed preferable; but someone who cared about me saw what was happening and stepped in to rescue me.

Those of you who know the rest of my story, know that I had no idea in those dark times of struggle that God was going to bring a wonderful new man into my life who would change everything I'd ever known about love and relationships. If I would have given up hope way back then, I wouldn't be here with the amazing life I have now.   
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  1. Hugs to those who helped you hold on to hope, and to the man who loves you now!

  2. PAPA BEAR YEAH!!!!!!! YEAH YOU TOO FOR DOING WHAT YOU MUST! hope is often about taking opportunities when they come

    1. well I guess they're about trusting that opportunities will come and when they do running to take them

  3. Hope is nutrition for a starving soul. Sometimes, it's all we have.

  4. I remember your old marriage and your trials with him. I also remember when you married Papa Bear! And stayed at a lil bed n breakfast. So romantic! Your relationship gives me hope xoxo


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