G is for Grateful

Six Sentences From Atop My Soapbox

What if today we were just grateful for everything?

It is not uncommon to experience times when it feels like nothing is going right in our lives and the entire universe is against us; one bad day or bad week and we fall into the trap of feeling doomed. But I've learned a couple things in recent years that have changed my life tremendously.  The first being that there is always, always something to be thankful for, and the second is that positive thoughts attract more positive things to our lives, while negative thoughts attract negative energy that we surely don't need.

Make a conscious effort to note the good things you have in your life; start with little things like a place to sleep and food to eat - not everyone has these things, and you are blessed if you do! Make a game of it, start watching for reasons to be grateful each day; keep a list and watch it grow.  The amazing thing is that no matter how down you might feel at a given moment, if you start thinking about what you do have that is good, you'll find your spirits lifting and a happy feeling growing in your heart!
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  1. I am grateful for your inspiring posts.

  2. Well said and so true. Too often, people mistake a rough moment for a rough life. Happiness is there if you're looking for it.

  3. got that right! I always count my blessings as that reminds me how grateful I should be...and I am!

  4. Yes, i list gratitudes every day, and remember the things that are going right.

  5. Too often we take the good times for granted and are devastated by the bad. We need to pinch ourselves occasionally and be thankful for what we do have as it is so much better than so many others.

  6. Thanks for your gentle reminder. I really needed this today as I struggled with some issues. I am really blessed to have made blogging friends like you and to have a wonderful family and home life. Your blog lifted my spirits at a real difficult time.

  7. I find I have to remember to be just as grateful for that which didnt occur as well... how many times have I dodged the bullet in any given situation? Having fun with the A to Z? I am starting to wear already...kind of early for me but grateful to continue believe me!

  8. I love this post, as it really resonated with me. Many years ago, I was lamenting to my mother about how hard it was to find "attractive and cool" shoes for my size 12 feet. She took me to plenty of places, but the largest size was always 10. We often left stores empty handed. There were a couple places though. One was called the Vogue Boot Shop. This was the kind of old-school place where handsome older men measured your feet and kissed your ass. Understandable, because of their high. But mom always took me there and spent more than she should have to ensure I felt pretty and girly. One time there, a gentleman was attending to my feet ---- I began complaining about how I hate my feet because they're so long. Mom replied, "You know Ruby, some people don't have feet." I looked at the gentleman, who responded, "You're mom is right. You are very lucky to have feet." Now -- looking back -- I always laugh at the conversation. But they were right. And this is a beautiful reminder from your post to have gratitude for what you have. Tx for posting xoxxo


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