F is for Forgiveness

Six Sentences From Atop My Soapbox

Give yourself the gift of letting go 
 People often confuse forgiveness with forgetting, or they think that it means sanctioning what occurred.  When you forgive someone you are severing the emotional connection, and thus ending the power they have over you.  When we choose to forgive someone we aren't saying that what happened is ok, we are simply deciding to let go of the anger and resentment so that our hearts can begin to heal.

I am not an advocate for forgetting; we need to remember what happened and the lessons that it taught us, so that we don't make the same mistake again.  When we reach the point of forgiveness, we are able to recall what occurred without have a desire to spend our time or energy on feeling hurt or angry; we are able to relegate it to the past and  choose instead to focus on the things in our lives that are positive and good.

While forgiving someone who has wronged you or someone close to you can be very hard to do, with time and prayer it can be done; and I can attest that doing so will lighten your heart in a way that you never imagined... and while you're at it, forgive yourself for mistakes that you've made too!
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  1. So true!
    Forgiveness is a powerful tool and without it we just wither away inside

  2. Amen! You described forgiveness very well!

  3. Exactly. Unforgiveness makes us the prisoner, not the other person.

  4. I can so relate to this post, Josie. Tx for choosing this subject. Especially with Roscoe and my Dad. For so long, I felt justified in holding on to the anger and pain they caused me. But like you said, it only hurts me/us.A poignant reminder. It's hard sometime to let go. I found that thru prayer --- and asking God to help heal me because the pain has become too great -- helps. Forgiveness lightens our heavy souls, and helps us be of help to others (instead of staying angry and bitter). My soul cries out for continued forgiveness. It's the only way I can keep moving forward. Instead on sinking in quicksand and suffocating my soul. Tx so much for the post! xoxxo

  5. I want to agree with you. I really do. I know what you're saying makes logical sense. But there are some transgressions I simply can't forgive. 99% of the time, I'm with you on this. Exceptions make the rule, right?

  6. Lovely word for F Josie. We all need to forgive because only in forgiving can we move forward with our lives. The quote puts it beautifully,


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