D is for Doormat

Six Sentences From Atop My Soapbox

Buy one, don't be one!
I spent most the years of my adult life being a doormat, and I watched my mother do the same.  I wasn't taught to stand up for myself; I was taught to be a people-pleaser.  Being a giving person isn't a bad thing, don't get me wrong; the problem is that there are a whole lot of people in the world who are takers and will gladly take advantage of someone who doesn't know how to draw the line or say "No"! 

Relationships are supposed to be a mutual give and take thing, not one person doing all the giving and the other  doing all the taking, and most often all the controlling too.  It took me fifty years of being used and abused to become tired enough and angry enough  to finally stand up and say "no more - I am worth more!" 

Teaching our children that it is ok to say "NO" when someone is manipulating them or taking advantage of them is one of the best self-esteem gifts we can give them.
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  1. Love the pinup! Im not doormat material....just lucky I guess

  2. excellent advice- love those boots too! Used to be a doormat- gave that up years ago. Cheers!

  3. Yes. There have been times when i've allowed myself to be put in that position, and i'm better able to see and recognize that now and step out of it.

  4. Hoping my daughter goes away with this lesson. I've certain tried to demonstrate this and teach it to her!

  5. I feel bad when I tell people no. I do. But sometimes no is the helpful answer.

  6. Very True Josie. I too find it difficult to refuse and say No but sometimes I take the courage and do it when it's necessary. The quote is very thought provoking.

  7. No to doormats when it comes to people. However, I'm grateful for the one at my door because those shoes look a lot like the ones my family love to come inside with!

  8. Now that winter is almost over, I don't even want to look at the doormat in the garage. No to human doormats! :)


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