Six Sentence Stories - On Hiatus

Six Sentence Stories
Six Sentence Stories is on hiatus for the time being.  I encourage you to share your writing efforts with us at Two Shoes Tuesday each week, and if the spirit moves you, write a six-sentence story for one of the prompts there.  You'll find that trying to tell a tale in short form is a fun challenge! :-)


  1. On....hiatus!!!!! OH NOEEEEESSS!

    I miss this already!

    1. Oh Lizzi, you are such a sweetie! I totally enjoyed your six-sentence stories on Fridays! I hope you will do some for Two Shoes Tuesday on occasion. It's perfectly ok to write two stories... one for each prompt, you know! :-)) There just wasn't enough interest to make 6SS worth the effort. I may give it another go later on.


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