A to Z.. It's Time!!!

Tuesday is the Big Day, April 1st, the official beginning of the 2014 edition of the  A to Z April Challenge.  There are already over 1800 bloggers from around the world signed up... Wow!
I've participated twice, last year and two years ago, and I learned that it's easy to burn yourself out before the month ends if you try to do too much or visit too many new blogs.  You will also encounter visitors who want to follow every blog they read, and will ask you to follow theirs.  By the end of the month your blog roll will be out of control.  I've become more selective, checking out a few sample posts on a given blog, and looking for the stand-outs that appeal to me on various levels.  Those I'll add and follow for a bit to see how they pan out.  Blogging is not just a writing exercise for me, it is a connection to other hearts and minds, so I look for those I can best relate to, even if our lives are very different.  In my past A-Z experiences I've made real connections with a handful of awesome folks that I now count among my friends, and that possibility is what make the A-Z so exciting, along with the inspiration that comes from reading the work of so many talented writers!
Last year my theme was Counting My Blessings.  I listed ten each day.  It was both challenging and fun, as I included big things and small, serious, and not so serious.  I was on vacation in Savannah for one week of April and that made for some interesting list items too!  It was also time consuming and the posts ran a little too long for readers who were hopping blogs.
This year I plan to keep it simple.  I've spent the last twelve months or so writing short stories and flash fiction/non-fiction pieces, and I find I like the challenge of learning to be more concise.  Anyone who's read my blog for a longer period of time is well aware that I can ramble on with the best of the best! :-)  In keeping with the concept of brevity, and with a nod toward my proclivity to preach a bit,  my theme for this year's collection of A-Z posts is going to be "Six Sentences From My Soapbox" on the chosen topic of the day. That's the plan anyway.  I have a few topics in mind, but I haven't written a single post yet, so we'll see how it works out. :-) 
I'm eagerly anticipating Tuesday, I hope that I'll see many of you participating. If you haven't signed up yet, it's not too late to join the fun!  By the way, Two Shoes Tuesday, my weekly writing prompt, will continue to run as usual, and will include a third "prompt" option of using the A to Z letter of the day.  That way no one has to double their efforts, a single post can be linked to both A-Z and TST.
Ok folks, let's dust off our keyboards,  pull on our thinking caps, shed the stigma of being April fools, and get this amazing international blogfest underway... See you Tuesday! :-)


  1. I am taking part in my very first A to Z challenge, and I've found your article very helpful.
    I am looking forward to reading your A to Z six-sentence stories.

  2. I must have lost my mind but I signed up...I have GOT to keep the brevity part in mind because, I too, like to be wordy. I think keeping it short will help me accomplish it each day too. I don't have a theme yet. Not sure if I will....we shall see!!

    Best to you in the Challenge!

  3. A to Z already! Ack! Now i have to go figure out how to get the logo on my blog.

  4. Have fun I will try to keep up on your post


    Thanks for keeping TST opened! : )

  6. hey Josie....just wanted to be here for the kick off!!!! Have fun !!! I know what you mean about the follower burn-out... Having to move my blog I didn't even put a place for followers ... It doesnt seem to make it any easier for them to follow or not so if it has no real purpose.... Looking forward to seeing your a to z... neighbor!


Your comments are always appreciated... they make me smile! :-)