The Moment It Stopped

They knew when she came into the world that Lana would be with them for a very short time. Her tiny heart had a defect that couldn't be repaired, and though it had labored mightily to ensure her arrival, it was growing weaker rather than stronger.  The doctor knew and her parents knew, but if tiny Lana knew, she wasn't letting on.  She snuggled into the crook of her father's arm and slept peacefully while he stroked her tiny face with his fingers.  She nuzzled against her mother's breast, and although she nursed weakly, in doing so she tightly tied their bond.  Resting then between her parents, she took her last few shallow breaths, and at the moment that her heart stopped, they both swear that she looked up at them and smiled. 
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  1. Nothing could be more heart wrenching.

  2. It's wrenching to lose a child, and i would have loved to hold mine a bit before she was gone.

  3. Poor Lana, glad her parents got to hold her before she passed. I feel bad for her parents. Great story!
    : )

  4. Well this is a gut wrencher Josie. The death of a child at any time is gut wrenching whether an embryo fails in the womb or your adult daughter or son is taken from you later in your life. You feel as though life's balance has been upset.

  5. Just reach in and rip my heart out! I have cold chills. This is great!!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day.


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