Hungering for More

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At twenty, married to my first husband, I was so na├»ve about life, willing to follow him down a twisting dark path and easily deceived.
At thirty I was with my second husband, a marriage of necessity rather than love, because I knew no other way to ensure the well-being of myself and my daughter, and I had no faith in my ability to handle it alone.
At forty I married my third husband, who may have loved me in the beginning but had no idea of how to nurture a relationship, how to make it a priority and make it grow.  I was pushed aside in favor of his first love... making music with the band, and then the drugs took over.
At fifty I grew weary of spending my life waiting to be valued and appreciated, weary of years and years of neglect and abuse, weary of waiting for love and always hungering for more.
Now at sixty, I am loved beyond all measure and I want for nothing more.

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  1. An amazing story, and one i'm glad ended so well.

    1. Just like a book, Mimi, chapters from the past that seem like forever ago. Now I have Papa Bear and my life is complete. There will be no others.

  2. You clearly realize how lucky you are to get it right in the end. May you both have many happy years together.

    1. I look at the previous relationships as hard lessons learned about choices and relationships, Old Egg. I was totally blessed to have the opportunity with Papa Bear to get it right and know that love is real. I didn't believe it was even possible until him.

  3. Very happy to join you in the celebration of reaching your present age and your present circumstances. So happy that you have learned much from your life experiences, and found a wonderful man to share life with. May the two of you have many happy years together.


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