For the Sweetest

Johnny and Kim were living off the grid in a cabin tucked back in the rolling hills of Arkansas.  To do so had been more Johnny's dream than Kim's, and he loved her for the way she had dug in and worked hard to help him make the dream come true.  They had a snug little home and ample food from hunting and their garden, but actual cash was in very short supply. 

Johnny had managed to earn a little here and there helping out their neighbors, and today he had a mission. It was the day before Valentine's Day and he wanted to do something special for Kim. Telling her that he needed to order seed for Spring planting, he climbed into the old pickup and headed into town. 

His first purchase was a piece of fabric, a bright red print that Kim was sure to love, enough to make a dress for her and maybe a shirt for him. But he didn't want his gift to be just practical, he wanted something fun, something to surprise her. 

Johnny headed over to the bakery/confectionery and with the money left in his pocket, carefully chose three pieces of handmade chocolate.  He knew that Kim adored chocolate and it was a treat she rarely had these days.

The following morning Johnny was quick to get out of bed before Kim woke.  He laid the piece of fabric on their wooden kitchen table  and placed his handwritten Valentine note on top.  Next to it he arranged the three pieces of chocolate on one of the china plates Kim had inherited from her Grandmother.  Then he started the coffee, knowing the aroma would soon wake her.

Kim stumbled from the bedroom sleepy-eyed and curious, since she was usually the first one up to start their breakfast.  The gifts Johnny had arranged carefully on the table immediately caught her eye, and she looked up at him with so much love that he knew his efforts had pleased her. He loved that his wife never longed for fancy things, and was clearly delighted with his small Valentine offerings.  Marrying her was the best decision he'd ever made.
This story was written for Two Shoes Tuesday
where the theme choices this week are cherish and chocolate


  1. I love gifts like that! That just made me feel all good inside! Happy Valentine's Day, Josie!

  2. The thoughtful gifts you saved up for are the best kind. Good story.

  3. When it is clear that serious thought has been made in selecting a gift it doubles in value and is often rewarding for the giver...later!

  4. That's a nice story, Josie. Giving gifts with meaning and a part of yourself is sooo rewarding. And they are so well received and appreciated to. I've been like that in life. My Army pay with compensations for a wife and two kids wasn't as much as my car payments were when I went in. We would redeem milk bottles to buy milk the last week of the month many times. Now-a-days a lot of GI's qualify for food stamps, it just never did get much better.

  5. Nice, great story! I like how Kim wasn't upset with Johnny for not giving her a more expensive gift and that she let him live out in the country. : )

  6. You had me at the very first line - living off the grid...cabin tucked back...hills of Arkansas.

    Loved this. What a demonstration of love, not just because a box on a calendar and the consumer industry tells us it is, but because these are the things that really matter. Noticing what your loved ones love, and doing that. It speaks volumes in the beginning that she had helped make his dream come true, by being selfless.

    Great story for this snowy night!!


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