Creeping In the Fog

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Swiping her card through the time clock, Deidre headed out the back door of the fast food restaurant where she worked the evening shift.  Clean-up had taken longer than usual, and it was well after eleven when she finally pulled out onto the lonely stretch of highway and headed home. 
The damp night had brought with it a thick blanket of fog, turning familiar landmarks into mysterious shapes and shadows, and leaving Deidre feeling a bit unsettled.  Switching on the radio for company she encountered nothing but static and noise, apparently the weather was affecting transmitting towers as well. She had travelled about half of the twenty mile distance and had only seen one other car on the road, it's headlamps forming ghostly glowing orbs in the fog as it came toward her and then passed by.
Not many people lived out in these parts, the wooded hills South of town, and there were no lights to be seen from the few scattered houses at this late hour.  Deidre couldn't wait to be home, safe in the arms of her husband.  She smiled, thinking of him sitting there in the chair, no doubt reading his book by the soft glow of a kerosene lamp, which he much preferred to the harsh glare of electric lighting.
Knowing that she should be getting close to the curve which would take her past the river just a short distance from their house, Deidre stared intensely into the fog, trying to make out the old rock wall that bordered a camping area which teemed with life in the summertime, but now stood abandoned and silent in the cold.
Just as the outline of the wall began to take shape in the fog, Deidre saw something moving among the trees, or did she?  She wasn't sure.  The night had such an eerie feel and she knew her mind could well be playing tricks on her.  Maybe it was just the wind moving branches.  Then she saw a low form creeping slowly toward open ground. Her hair rose on the back of her neck as two glowing eyes emerged from the shadows. 
Deidre floored the gas pedal; her car lurched forward and hurtled down the road in the shroud of darkness.  Something compelled her to cast a glance in the rear view mirror, and when she did she saw it, the fabled black-tailed white wolf spoken of in hushed tones by local elders, resting there atop the wall and watching her. 
~photo credit~
This story was written for Two Shoes Tuesday
where the theme choices this week are tail and time


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    1. Hardly Gail, but thanks! I drove home in thick fog the night before, and that eerie feeling inspired this story.

  2. That reminds me of when I first drove through the fog on an early Sunday morning, at 5 am, it was still dark and all I could see were just people's tail lights and then the fog got so thick that you couldn't even see people's tail lights so, we had to turn our hazards on, it was pretty scary, but nothing scary happened, luckily, maybe I shouldn't have been driving.
    The dense fog looked really cool in the early morning, when the sun was coming up, I like fog, but sometimes it scares me too. We actually have a dense fog advisory right now! We haven't had much dense fog this year, but we had alot of dense fog last year. : )

    1. I like fog too, Joseph, it changes how everything looks and feels. Funny how easy it is to loose your sense of place and direction when you can't see the familiar signs and places, even if you've driven that road hundreds of times before. I'm glad you got home safely, driving in the fog can be pretty dangerous. I'm always afraid there will be something ahead of me on the road that I can't see in time!

  3. Ooooooooooh very atmospheric :)

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    1. After reading this my husband told me a story about him seeing a wolf as a child... something just scary about them. Maybe it's the stories we were told as children? :-)

  5. How beautifully this tail (sorry tale!) was told. Fog certainly heightens you imagination. Luckily there is not a lot of fog in South Australia. I had my fair share in England and the perils of driving in it.

  6. Very cool story josie. Suspenseful. ..


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