Fool Me Twice

Nissa sat on the edge of bed, too stunned to move after walking in to find Frank packing his things.  He said that he was leaving because he hated his current job and couldn't find a decent one in the entire city. He had been at this job for less than six weeks, after sitting home unemployed for several months while she struggled to keep their bills paid on her salary alone.

Frank had left Nissa once before, same story, couldn't find a job to suit him - had to be the place and time, and never him.  Nissa choked back the tears as she hugged him one more time and told him not to bother returning.  In time she would come to realize that he didn't value her enough to find a way to make it work, and she was going to be better off with him gone.
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  1. Some people never realize they bring their problems with them, no matter if it happens twice or a hundred times. Good story.

  2. Smart woman and great story.

  3. Is it bad that I wanted to smack Frank? No. It just means you did a great job telling the story.

  4. Sometimes it is hard to see how self centred others are but when it finally twigs then is the time to make a decision such as this. By the sound of him he is likely to blame her for his own failings. How weak will she be next time and will he take it out on her? Great piece in six sentences Josie.

  5. sad story... there is probably a lot more that wasn't told, than what made its way to the page...


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