Baby Pix :-)

Who could resist this sweet little face?  Toby is a tiny purr machine!



  1. I can never resist any baby critter. (You know how I am!) He is very cute. I am sure he will shake things up in your home. Have fun! They grow so quickly.

    1. it was love at first sight, Annie! He spent the last month living with a vet and is so very well socialized, loves people and seeks us out, uses the litter boxes and remembered where they were, eats well, and plays non-stop 'til he wears out. The girls aren't too amused at the present time, it will take them a little while to warm up to the idea. He spent the night in Sophie's room with her and they did fine. You are right that they grow up fast... it's hard to remember Tiggy and Gracie this size, they will be three years old in March!

  2. That is going to be one spoiled kitty!

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    1. He sure is, Mimi, and has a wonderful, outgoing personality. He loves people and is doing his best to get the big kitties to play with him. A social little guy with long, soft fur and such a beautiful face!!

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    1. I have to agree with you, Abelle! I couldn't resist those beautiful markings! I wish people came with lovely designs like that! :-)

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    1. Me either, Joseph! Toby's antics would keep you laughing! He isn't the least bit intimidated by his new big sisters. They aren't so delighted but they are slowly coming around. I'd love to see you post some photos of Simon for us to enjoy!


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