Going Home

Cindy was going home for Christmas this year, she was sure of it.  She dressed in her old heavy coat, pulled on her hat, and rummaged around in her drawer 'til she found some warm gloves.
"You aren't going nowhere, honey, none of us are," chided her roommate Belle, laughing as she shuffled off down the hall toward the dayroom on their ward.
Ignoring Belle's words, Cindy stretched out on her bed to rest for a bit before leaving.  Closing her eyes, she remembered snow falling thick all around her and bright colored lights strung in the windows, so many years ago that she'd long since lost count.
Her mind floating gently on the sweetness of Christmas, Cindy's mouth curved into a beautiful smile as she drew one last breath and slipped quietly away from her body, heading for home.
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    1. Yes, I agree, Mimi, sweet in a sad kind of way. This would not be a bad way to die.

  2. Oops! We have both written sad ones today. Yours however is much gentler with happy memories to comfort her mind.

    1. I found it very interesting that both of us chose similar themes today, and even the same titles, Robin... obviously, great minds think alike! :-) Your story was well done and bears an important message, while mine is a gentler tale, both of our characters had an overwhelming desire to return to a place that seemed better to them, far away from the harsh realities of their present lives.

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    1. I'm glad you saw it that way, Terri! So many times I have shut my eyes remembering the magic of Christmases long ago as a child. We never are truly able to recapture that as adults. Indeed what a lovely thought, to simply want to be home for Christmas. I wish I still had a place called home to return to, it is a place I can only visit in my mind.

  4. Bitter sweet and very well crafted.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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