On 12/6/13 a former coworker posted this on Facebook:
"One of my little neighbors - aged 86 years old was going out of the back of her house at 4 AM today to drive herself to the hospital. She was carrying her oxygen, purse and small bag. She slipped down her icy ramp and broke her ankle (compound fracture-horrible). She was sitting out in the sleety cold of about 20 degrees for 4 hours before another neighbors heard her weak cry for help. They called an ambulance and came and got me. We were told if she had been out there for another 30 minutes she wouldn't have made it. Long story but just want to encourage everyone who has family members that live alone to get Life Alert."
On 12/7/13 she posted this update:
"Update on my neighbor who fell and was outside in the cold for hours --- she had surgery on her ankle today and had a plate and 6 screws put in it. Her body temp. has finally gone up to normal and they are working on getting her oxygen up to normal. Thanks for your prayers for her."
Today she posted this:
"My sweet little neighbor lady who fell last week in the cold passed away this morning."
This was such a sad note. This death wasn't necessary. Imagine how she suffered there alone in the cold for hours with the pain of her broken leg and unable to summon help  Comfort is in knowing that she is in a much better place than this world now. 

The story reminds me too much of my father's death four years ago on December 30th, also alone in the cold and snow.  I try not to think of it, but this season I always do, and also of the bitter cold/snowy weather for his funeral and for my mother's funeral in January several year earlier.  
The rose posted in the photo above is from my  the spray on my father's casket. I left on the snow-covered frozen lake in Dakota where he and I spent many hours fishing together. I will not pass that way again.

I could not live in the cold and snow again, it makes me far too sad.