TST and 6SS Writing Prompts for the Coming Week

Stories, poems and essays - original fiction and non-fiction 
 Your choice of themes for Tuesday, Nov. 26th are: 
sit or  enough
Find out more about Two Shoes Tuesday here! 
 Very short stories - original fiction and non-fiction
Our theme for the Week of Nov. 28th - Dec. 4th is:
Find out more about Six Sentence Stories here!
Put your thinking cap on and come and join us!


  1. and where do we post these? here or on our blog?

    how are you my sister in soul?
    have a wonderful day in your world --- it's cold in mine --- but i will attempt to not be a hateful hussy :))

    1. Hi Soul Sis! A Two Shoes Tuesday post will go up early Tuesday morning (like 12:01 AM :-) with a linky thing for you to add a link to the story you write and post on your blog. Then we'll all drop by to pay a visit! :-) The Six Sentence Stories post will go up early Thursday morning. (This post on Saturday's is just to give folks a heads up on what the themes are this week in case they want to start working on their posts!) Looking forward to seeing you join us! :-)

      PS - My world is rain/ice/slippery as glass miserable this weekend too, but at least we who live in Texas know that this too, shall soon pass! :-)


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