Thankful Thoughts - November 29th

I'm participating in Ten Things of Thankful, a weekly blog hop that asks us to "focus on the good things going on in your life by listing ten things you are thankful for today..." 

I have also been participating in "Thirty Days of Thankful" during the month of November, both here and on Facebook.  It's been a wonderful way to celebrate an entire month of Thanksgiving.

I am including my daily thankful notes from the week here, so feel free to skip over the items you've already read in individual posts on my blog and look for the new ones I've added to this list...

1) I am thankful that I was prepared for the blast of winter weather this past weekend, with enough food and jugs of water, so that I didn't have to skate across the ice-covered deck to venture out for supplies. I'm also thankful that the frozen water pipes I woke up to on Saturday thawed out by the end of the day.

2) I am thankful for my ATT portable Wi-Fi Hotspot! Our wireless Internet at home was down for a couple days, probably because the signal receiver outside was coated with a thick layer of ice, as was the signal tower just across the road from us. Once again, my handy little pocket-size Hotspot came to the rescue with reliable 4G LTE Internet access for our laptops, tablets, etc. because everyone knows how grumpy I get if I can't connect!

3) I am thankful for my beloved Papa Bear who got up early on his day off just to chop the thick layer of ice off my Escape and drive me to work... that's love!!  I really like that he is growing out his beard to look like Santa at my request too.

4) I am so very thankful for all the rescue workers, road crews, power line workers, furnace repairman, and plumbers who are called out all hours of the day and night in all kinds of weather to deal with problems and make repairs so that we can travel safely and live comfortably in our homes.  I returned home from work Tuesday night to find the electricity, and thus the heat, working again.   One night in the cold was enough to remind me of how blessed I am to live where I do, and to have a nice warm house to come home to!

5) I am thankful for lessons I learned from my parents... the difference between right and wrong... to treat others with respect... to take care of those we are responsible for...  to get the things we want by working for them... to spend less than you earn...  to take the cards life hands you and build with them... to help out where you can.

6) I am thankful for all the people in my past, some for what they gave me, some for what they taught me, some for the love they showed me. While I didn't always make the wisest choices, every single day of my past has formed me into the person I am, and has enabled me to be happy and at peace with the life I have now.

7) I am thankful for this four-day weekend!  Those are rare, and not all employers give their staff the day after Thanksgiving off.  I may actually get a few things accomplished around the house, and will at last have some time to catch up on reading and commenting! I've been behind on that for over a week now and it makes me feel bad when I don't have the time to return people's visits. Finding a balance between writing and reading with the time I have available is always hard, but I try!

8) I am thankful for the delicious spiral-cut ham that Papa Bear's boss gives his employees every year for Thanksgiving. We had some of it yesterday and the rest is packaged and in the freezer so that we can enjoy more of it in the weeks ahead!

9) I am thankful that my ex-husband seems to be finally getting some of his priorities straightened out in life.  I texted him yesterday on his birthday, and he said it was the best one ever, spent together with his family, daughter and grandchildren, celebrating Thanksgiving too.  He said he is looking forward to growing older.  Wow, that's a definite change of pace for an "I don't want to grow up"  party animal! I am thankful that he is happy, I wish him the best.  I am still very thankful that I left him when I did, I have a far better life with Papa Bear now, where I am truly loved and appreciated!

10) I am thankful for You... all the family and friends in my life who give it meaning, purpose, and joy! Life is not about what you have, but who you have... and in that I am blessed beyond measure!

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  1. Absolutely beautifully done :) I'm glad that you have the whole 'the past may have been good or bad, but it made me who I am NOW, and that makes it worth having done' thing going on, too. I get that. I'm down with that. Even if we'd rather not have had some of those experiences, who we are RIGHTNOW is the better for them (I hope). Thanks for the reminder.

    So glad that you're getting a little holiday from work and time to enjoy your warm house :)

    Papa Bear's a STAR :) You've truly landed on your feet there - ice-chopping and beard-growing at your request :D Bless his boots :)

  2. So much to be thankful for and I know I am thankful for all those people that I dealt with in this past, too for they have shaped and molded me into the person I am today and truly made me a better person for it. Here is to a great rest of this wonderful 4 day weekend now! :)

  3. Glad that you're having a wonderful weekend of rest. Thankful for this awesome list and you linking up!

  4. Your list makes me smile. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. OH how I long for an automatice car starter/defroster... even one with a full santa beard would be great!

  6. #4 no doubt! as bad as it feels to lose the power/heat… ain't it nice to drive up your street and see the lights (that you forgot were on when the power went out) shining and the warm of the house?
    (not like you want to lose power to feel this good, but it is a good feeling nonetheless)

  7. You have such a good attitude. I was going to say "about the ice storm", but really, you simply have a great attitude towards life. Honestly, going without electricity (heat!) like that would make most people crazy, grumpy folks. You handled it well.
    It's hard to see how our trials and difficulties in life are helping us to become better people, but they really can if we let them. You are a perfect example of this.
    I was, but shouldn't have been, surprised to hear you texted a happy birthday to your ex. I know your life with him wasn't easy. You have not only forgiven, moved on, and wish the best for him. It's beautiful.
    Lastly, yay ham! :)

  8. As always, a beautiful and oh, so positive list! I can't say that I would have been that gracious about being without electricity and heat in the freezing cold even if there was not much I could do about it.
    I have the same attitude as you do in #6. I have made a lot of mistakes and bad choices, some of them whoppers, but changing them would mean changing me and where I am now. I totally get it!
    Good for your ex, hopefully making some changes in his life and good for you for being the kind person you are and wishing him well.
    I think you are an amazing person...just thought you should know!

  9. Your lists never fail to make me happy! You even make frozen water pipes not seem so bad!

    I'm thankful to have met you in this bloggy world!


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