Mr. Bosworth was fed up with the chronic grumbling of his employees, so he did some thinking and devised a clever plan.  He announced a Complaint Contest in which employees were told to write their biggest work-related complaint on a notecard and post it on the bulletin board in the break room.  Eager participants filled the board with complaints ranging from frivolous to furious in response to Mr. Bosworth's promise to give the authors of the top four complaints a three day, all expense paid vacation at a nearby resort. 
The cards were then numbered, and employees were given the opportunity to vote for what they viewed as the biggest issue presented. Employee morale skyrocketed as co-workers bantered back and forth over the entries, and put forth their best campaign efforts to secure the most votes for their complaint. 
Mr. Bosworth smiled broadly as he congratulated the chosen winners, giving each them not only their promised resort reservations, but also an assignment to return to work following their vacation with a report detailing no less than three reasonable and well thought out options of ways to resolve their complaint.
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  1. This is a mantra of mine, which is what moves me in advocacy, as well as other things in life. Interesting story plot. I remember a similar assignment in Sociology class, though no actual vacation was involved. I am a firm believer in finding solutions, though.

  2. Brilliant! You are so good at these 6 sentence stories.

  3. Many years ago (when I worked for living) I was assigned the task of managing the organization's suggestion scheme. It lasted a few years and it certainly boosted the morale of many employees, although suggestions from supervisors and managers were not permitted as it was deemed part of their job to solve problems. Rewards were in cash based on the effectiveness of the idea. However being a government department the organization itself disappeared after a few years! This was the ultimate solution! Your post brought back a few memories Josie.

  4. A good employer, helping them figure out ways to solve their problems.


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