"Hurry up Brady, finish your cereal!  Mama has to get to work, and I need to drop you off at daycare first."   Mornings were not three-year-old Brady's favorite time; he barely had his eyes open and wasn't inclined to gobble up his cereal.

"Brady! Please finish brushing your teeth and get your clothes on, we have to be out the door in five minutes!" Brady headed off to his bedroom and began pulling on his t-shirt and jeans. 

He was sitting on the floor slowly tugging on his socks when his mother walked in.  "Come on Brady, grab your shoes and bring them with you!  I'll put them on in the car." 

Brady picked up his shoes and headed down the hallway, his tussled hair still uncombed. On impulse he reached out and grabbed his stuffed kitty, dropping one shoe in the process.

"Good Lord Brady! I swear you would forget your own head if it wasn't sewed on," his mother said as she reached to pick up the shoe with one hand while trying to smooth his hair down with her other.  "Leave Kitty Cat here, we don't have time to drag along extra things today!"

Tears formed at the corners of Brady's eyes and began to roll down his cheeks. "Ok then, take the cat and get in the car... hurry!  You have to move faster or I'm going to be late!"

Brady's mom buckled him quickly into his car seat, tugged on his shoes and tied them, jumped into the driver's seat and took off.  Brady held on to his beloved Kitty Cat while they sped around corners and slipped thru yellow lights as they were turning red.  As she came up to the final intersection before they reached Brady's daycare, another car ran a red light and came flying across in front of them.   Brady's mom slammed on her brakes, missing a collision with inches to spare.

Shaken, she looked around to see Brady staring at her wide-eyed with fear, and clutching Kitty Cat tightly to his chest. "It's ok, Baby, you're ok. We are almost there."  She took a deep breath, said a grateful prayer, and moved ahead slowly through the intersection. When she arrived at the daycare, she lifted Brady from his car seat and held him and his Kitty Cat in a close embrace. Whispering to him how much she loved him, Brady's mom promised him that from now on they would start getting ready a little earlier in the morning so they wouldn't have to hurry.
This story was written for Two Shoes Tuesday
where the prompt choices this week are fast or smile.

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  1. Hurrying does what, makes you late a little earlier this time? Lesson learned, indeed.

  2. How many parents must have fallen into this trap and perhaps still do? The sad part is the shifting of responsibility on to the child when the fault is the parents for not being organized and not realizing that being late is not the end of the world but a car crash may well be. What a great story this is.

  3. There's an ad a little like this in the UK at the moment, to caution against speeding :) Nicely done.

  4. I cant tell how many times I probably went absent mindedly toward a near miss because I was in a rush...not always in a car even! This was great Josie!

  5. Better late than never - I feared the worst but was relieved they arrived safely.

  6. Haste makes waste, for sure. It isn't worth it, for many reasons. This does illustrate that.

  7. Poor Brady! I liked is stuffed kitty cat! That sounds like the mornings before school, when my dad use to take my little sister and me. We lived less than a mile away from school, but we were almost always late, or almost late and we would almost always almost get into a horrific accident... Great story!
    : )


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