30 Days of Thankful - Day 21

I am thankful for the incredibly beautiful day we had today! It reached 76 degrees this afternoon, sort of a last hurrah for warm fall weather... sandal toes, no jackets, toasty warm car after work.  You can see from the WeatherBug report up there what's headed our way.  Supposed to drop down to freezing tonight and stay there for the next three days, with a 50% chance of freezing rain. It will be a very rude awakening in the morning, not to mention how much fun it is to drive on "frozen rain"!  Still, during this season I am thankful that I live in Texas, where our winter is short compared to that of friends living further north. I know that this is just a temporary cold blast, and we'll be back to some warm afternoons off and on until Spring comes. I don't think I could do those October-April snowstorms like I grew up with in Dakota!


  1. My feeling is that i might as well enjoy the weather where i am, as it is what it is, no other way about it. Hope you had a nice, warm evening before the cold came in.

  2. LOL, looks like a great forecast to me! Be careful driving on those icy roads! : )


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