30 Days of Thankful - Day 19

I am thankful for crab legs... my most favorite food!  Last night we went to Red Lobster for dinner and had the best food and service that we've had there in a long time.  It was fun, relaxing, and delicious... and some much needed downtime together at the end of an emotionally exhausting day.  It was also a really nice surprise to not have the usual long waiting line for a table.  I've been craving crab legs lately, and it proved to be the perfect choice, along with Red Lobster's yummy Cheddar Bay Biscuits and their new crunchy red potatoes and roasted corn.  Mmmm! Sometimes a little indulgence is good for the soul. :-)


  1. After a difficult day, there's nothing like someone else doing the cooking, and washing up -- especially when it's a luscious meal.

  2. Yay for crab legs! I was allergic to shellfish...and then I wasn't. So I now enjoy my crab and shrimp with gusto. And Red Lobster is a superb place to go for some.


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