Awww...Mondays - August 19th

Check out this link 
28 photos of 88 year-old Misa and her cat Fukumaru
I promise it will make you smile!
I'm linking up with Sandee's Awww...Mondays


  1. Animals make our lives better, in so many ways. I love the connection.

  2. they keep us company and make us purr, have a good week

  3. I accidentally deleted these two comments for this post, I'm sorry! :-/

    Rae - "So sweet. It's obvious they were made for one another. She certainly adores her cat."

    Sandee- "That was heartwarming and then some. A huge Awww! Have a terrific Awww Monday honey. Big hugs."

  4. Josie, believe it or not, we just adopted an 11-year old girl named Diva, shining white like your cat! Except she has a bit of a Siamese/Calico mix going on, a little dark spot on her nose. But she yowls like a Siamese, and when she stretches, she goes on for days!

    This is the sweetest pic I've seen all week. Thanks for stopping by Sharp Li'l! Amy

  5. this is so great! thanks for posting this!!!


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