The Million Dollar Pill

 It was beautiful, truly amazing, and after several months of secret negotiations he finally owned it.  Now he cradled the pill in the palm of his hand.  A million dollars, so much money... what would his wife say if she knew?  But she wasn't going to find out, ever -  he'd made sure of that; he paid for it with money he'd inherited from his grandfather, a vault full of cash that he'd kept hidden for the last twenty five years. 
He rolled the pill gently between his fingers, trembling with excitement, shaking with fear. Could he do it, did he really have the courage to go through with it?  He paused for a moment, reviewing the highlights of his life like a slide show; none of them held a candle to this.  In a moment, in one swallow, his life was about to change forever. There would be no turning back.
Standing before the full-length bedroom mirror, he placed the pill on the back of his tongue and washed it down with a shot of bourbon; it seemed the perfect toast to the life he was leaving behind.  For a moment nothing happened, then his reflection began to fade, becoming gradually transparent, until it vanished completely before his eyes. 
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  1. Loved the interpretation! Great story!

  2. wait....what..?? happened? is it invisibility? did he cross over to another dimension? You can't mess with me like this today....I'll cry. I swear it.
    Um, I bet you're wondering if my post is about a chill pill? LOL

  3. Interesting take. Sometimes I wish people would be nice, if not disappear. A "nice" pill would be good.

  4. okay... now you have to finish it!!!

    Thanks for pondering with me

  5. I'm with Brenda...what happened next. Did he just commit suicide? Yikes. Okay, I've not had enough coffee this morning.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. :)

  6. I too agree with Brenda. There’s too much left in doubt, in my opinion.


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