Sunday Coming Down

And so we are home again, after an amazing week in Savannah. It was the kind of vacation one dreams about, everything went off without a hitch, we got to experience great food, wonderful things to see, and spend hours enjoying the company of my son.  We fell in love with Savannah and it's many, many trees; amazing historic homes; the beautiful island just down the road; and true Southern hospitality.  The days actually passed slowly enough for us to savor them, staying up late and sleeping a bit late.  It didn't feel rushed or like we weren't able to fit in the things we most wanted to do.  We totally enjoyed our daytrip to Charleston too, and were surprised by how different the cities felt from each other.  We even managed to photograph some very interesting things in the city cemetery!  We are going to be savoring our photographs and memories for years to come, and would return again in a minute for another stay, for more walks on the beach and thru the many parks squares downtown, to pop into more shops on River Street, to tour more beautiful homes, and to enjoy more fantastic food.  If we had a way to move there permanently, we'd be packing tomorrow.

Our flight arrived back in Midland/Odessa late last evening, after a very bumpy flight thru a thunderstorm coming into Houston.  We were home before midnight, much to the pleasure of four furkids who survived well without us but were mighty happy we returned!  The suitcases are unpacked and stowed away,  the laundry is piled in baskets and waiting, and we sit  quietly contemplating the drab brown scenery outside our windows and returning to the high pressure workweek routine tomorrow.  While it's hard to think about that, and we'd all like to live that fantasy life of never having to work hard for another day, it is our reality, and even in that we are blessed, because we can work, and we have jobs to work at.  We have a cozy little home, and loving children who are doing well, we have furkids that cherish and depend on us, and we have friends who cheered for every happy moment we experienced on this amazing gifted vacation.  It is something we never would have had the opportunity to do if it wasn't for Carrie and McGuffy Ann's incredible generosity. How many people actually give away a trip... or pass it on if they win one?  It's one of those magical things God brings to remind us  just how good life is. 

If someone would have told Josie Two Shoes six years ago that one day she would meet a wonderful man, live a life where she is cherished and cared for, and would get to take amazing vacations to places she has only read about, she would have laughed, and then she would have cried at the pitiful reality of her life at that time.  Take heart people, no matter where your life is at today, it can be something so different and wonderful tomorrow, life hold many surprises and even more blessings.  Today, as I sit here reflecting, looking at my little bag of seashells and sand collected from the beach at Tybee Island, and munching on our last piece of fudge from a River Street shop, I realize how very, incredibly blessed I am!


  1. It is good that you had a wonderful time together. You have memories to last. It is also wonderful that your life has changed for the better these past few years. I think it is best that you realize how blessed you are. I wish more blessings for you both.

  2. So glad you had a great time.

    What about those ballast stones behind River Street? Are they still there? I bought a painting in Center Market. I could not tell you my favorite park they were all so beautiful and each one different.

  3. You're so right—life holds so many surprises and blessings. Like you, I never would have dreamed I'd have the life I have today—but I do, and I feel very blessed. :)

    I'm glad you had such a lovely time. Welcome back.

  4. I'm so happy you are home safe honey. I've enjoyed your vacation almost as much as you have and I'm sure there will be more posts and lots of lovely pictures. When the stress of work wears on you just remember this past week. That will put a smile on your face.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. ☺

  5. I love the joy and happiness in your words -- and your life.


  6. It is wonderful to share in your blessing and happiness. So good to hear of this wonderful vacation, and the picture is wonderful too.


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