Blogging From A to Z... "Y"

An Attitude of Gratitude 

1)  For the fun memories my children have of their young years, I often hear... "remember when" stories that make me smile, realizing that although life was at times very hard, they have happy memories of those years, so something was done right and they grew up to be awesome adults!

2) For balls of soft yarn in bright colors that I can knit or crochet into scarves, afghans and other beautiful items and gifts.  My furkids are great fans of balls of yarn too, and there tends to be a bit of cat fur in every item I stitch with love. :-)

3) For yummy yellowfin tuna sushi!  My daughter introduced me to sushi a few years ago, I probably never would have tried it on my own. I love it! Papa Bear has tried it but relegates it to the realm of "bait" :-)

4) For yesterday, our final day in Savannah, and the two hours before leaving for the airport that we spent making one last enjoyable drive thru the historic residential area of Savannah, savoring the beautiful homes, beautiful park squares, and the heavenly canopy of trees overhead as we drove down the street. It was like the frosting on the cake to a truly wonderful week!

5) For a yearning to return to somewhere that has trees for our "golden years," God willing.  I'm going to be praying about it;  if prayer can move mountains, maybe it can also move people to the land of trees! :-)

6) For a visit to Yellowstone Park years ago, not long after they had the great fire there. It was a sobering experience to see acres and acres of burned black remains of trees standing in a place of such incredible beauty.  It was a powerful lesson in how important it is for everyone to use extreme caution and be good caretakers of the earth. If you've never been to Yellowstone... GO, it's lovely! While there visiting a friend who was at that time involved in hiring for the park, I stayed at a wonderful historic residence in the park, and watched the moon rise over the mountains from a rocking chair on the front porch... breathtakingly beautiful, I remember it still!

7) For yeast rolls and breads... the soft, stretchy feeling of dough being kneaded, the magic of it rising in the pan, the heavenly aroma while it's baking, and the wonderful taste of  bread warm from the oven spread with sweetcream butter!  Have I made you hungry? :-)

8) For no longer living in an environment that included yelling and screaming and irrational behavior which made it a terrifying experience of always walking on eggshells and waiting for the next outburst! God rescued me from that life, it is perhaps the thing I am the most grateful for of all!

9) For the courage to believe that YES I CAN!  YES I can walk away and leave my past behind:  YES I can start a new relationship, move to a new city, and find a new job; and YES I can become the person I am want to be, the person God intended me to be!

10) For yellow... one of my two most favorite colors (the other being purple).  It is the color of sunshine, cheerfulness and optimism.  It is impossible to look at bright yellow flowers and be sad.  Yellow roses are my very favorite roses, here is one from the dozen that Papa Bear sent me at work a couple weeks ago.  All that week their bright yellow beauty made me smile!
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  1. I love yellow as well, especially yellow flowers (and even dandelions) against green grass. I think that's a gorgeous color combination. :)

    1. I pushed "Publish" before I was ready. That's what a night without sleep will do... :)

      I can relate to so many of the items on your list, like eight and nine. I'm so happy for you (and for me). We are indeed blessed.

      Have a lovely day!

  2. Another fine post. You've done these so very well and even on vacation too.

    I'm with your husband on the sushi. I think it's bait too and hubby loves it as you do. He loves it with wasabi though.

    Have a terrific day honey. ☺

  3. As usual, another terrific post. I'm so glad your time in Savannah has proven to be most enjoyable and you've made many happy memories. I will also some prayers for you to eventually move where you have trees surrounding you. I love my trees.....even though raking leaves in the fall and spring is some work. The beauty my trees give to me each day is worth it. Yes, they are even beautiful in the least to me they are. Have a safe journey home. Hugs.


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