Blogging From A to Z... "S"

An Attitude of Gratitude 

1)  That I am pretty sure you will indulge me if tonight's post is all about Savannah!  It seems only  too appropriate that we arrived here today, after dreaming about this week for months, and by strange coincidence, the A-Z post I need to prepare for tomorrow morning is "S"!  I plan to  make this post short and sweet because it is late and we are weary travelers.  It's been a long, wonderful day, and I'd like share just a little bit about it!

2) That our airplane flights went off without a hitch; we had smooth sailing all the way,  and the planes took off and landed right on time.  The Savannah airport is the nicest one either of us have ever seen; they even have a beautiful waiting area for folks who are awaiting arrivals. It's also situated in an easy-access area that doesn't require negotiating a maze of signs and roadway to exit. 

3) That the executive hotel suite Carrie booked for us is so perfect! The hotel is beautiful, and our suite is sized more like a mini-apartment.  I could live here indefinitely quite comfortably!   Because we have a suite, my son will be staying with us, so he will not have to spend money for a room, and we will have lots of time to spend together! :-)

4) That my son drove most of the way down from Nashville tonight.  He stopped shortly before midnight to sleep at a hotel in route so that his mother wouldn't fret about him driving tired.  He will join us in Savannah before lunch time tomorrow!  I am so excited since I haven't seen him since October 2011!

5) That my son's sibling - my daughter, called us a short while ago with spectacular news... she put an offer in on a beautiful home in Nashville today, and the buyer has already accepted her offer.  He financing is pre-approved, and it looks like she may be a homeowner by the end of May!  She has come so far, and this is an amazing step in the right direction! I've seen photos of the house, it looks like something from a magazine! I told her the bonus room would make a lovely parents apartment, she laughed!  :-))  Prayers for the smooth and speedy success of this transaction are truly appreciated.  She tends to stress easily, and buying a new home is very stressful!!

6) For beautiful Spanish Moss that is covering all the trees here, it adds so much to Southern charm; and speaking of trees, they are everywhere! You don't realize how much you miss trees until you find yourself  surrounded by them. 
7) For the wonderful smell in the air in Savannah.. it is fresh, and damp, and a little salty from the wind blowing in from the sea, so very different from the dry, dusty air we breathe in West Texas.

8) For the seashore that is less than twenty  miles away, we shall see the seashore tomorrow, I can't wait!  For some reason the sea calls to me, even though I was raised no where near one. In fact it has been over thirty years since I have sunk my toes into the sand of the Atlantic shore!

9) That we saw a sign for a  seafood restaurant, that was only a short distance from our hotel, and turned out to have scrumptious seafood, with which we stuffed  ourselves, having not eaten anything but a few snacks all day!  I had shrimp with cheesy grits and tasso gravy, and I'm hear to tell you that it was to die for!   The authentic Southern Sweet tea  put that pale-faced stuff we get in West Texas to shame!  We had to take our peach cobbler with ice-cream back to the room for a bedtime snack since we were so full from supper!
10) That I have a wonderfully soft bed to sleep in tonight. I am so thankful for this day, it has been the perfect start to our Savannah vacation.  Thank you Lord, for giving me so much to smile about!

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  1. This actually reminded me of living in SouthEast Texas...the Spanish Moss, the Gulf Shrimp, the Sand, & Salty ocean air...all good parts of my childhood. Thanks for those thoughts.
    Enjoy your Special, Spectacular week in Savannah.

  2. Such a wonderful post. You've got me thinking all about Savannah now. I'm surely going to visit this place now that I've heard so much about it! Enjoy your holiday!

  3. Wonderful post! You make me want to visit Savannah. I've always wanted to see the Spanish moss and smell that salty air... I hope you have a great time!

  4. I can't wait to hear about every thing!!! I think I've probably told you a dozen times but I love Savannah. I would like to go back and stay somewhere downtown so I could just walk and see every stone and every tree.

    Lots of pictures...Tybee Island? The forts?

  5. I'm glad you had the perfect day yesterday, but the dinner you had made me drool. That looks fantastic and then some. Wonderful.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. :)

  6. Yippee!!!

    So much to be excited about in this post! Savannah is quite awesome. One of my favorite places on the planet. So rich with history and charm.

    Are you headed to Tybee Island? That is where my Hubs proposed!! :)

    Have a wonderful time, dear friend! Your joy makes my joy soar!


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