Blogging From A to Z... "R"

An Attitude of Gratitude 

1) For my love of reading, for the ability to read, and for having access to all kinds reading materials at my fingertips!

2) For learning to respect myself enough to remove toxic people from my life.  I am also thankful for understanding that we need to respect other people's right to live and believe differently from us, and to make sure than in exercising our rights we are not over-stepping theirs.

3) For rainbows - I love them!  I once saw two arching across each other directly over my head!  I wrote  a blog post called I Believe in Rainbows which has proven to be one of my most popular posts, based on the number of views.

4) For my jumbo oak rocking chair that Papa Bear got me from Cracker Barrel. It is where I am sitting as I write this and where you will most often find me if I am relaxing at home.  Recently we found another of the same size and bought it for Papa Bear, so we can rock happily side-by-side into our senior years.  I love my rocking chair because it's rigid back gives mine much better support than the curvy reclining sofa.

5) For raspberry jelly, rib-eye steaks, Ramen noodles, rocky road ice-cream, and rhubarb pie!

6) For rain, anytime it comes to West Texas. We are in a drought, and need the moisture badly.  Rain is rare and precious here, and we all rejoice when the sky begins to pour.

7) For the wonderful educational opportunity Red Cloud Indian School provides for Lakota children, and for having twice spent an incredible week with the elementary students and teachers there.

8) For refrigerated air-conditioning.  I often wonder how we managed to live without it years ago.  It is one of the little luxuries in my life that I would be hard-pressed to give up, especially living here in Texas with summer days often being above the 100 degree mark.

9) For the wonderful road trip John and I took to Tennessee in October of 2011.  We got to visit with his daughter in Arkansas and my son and daughter in Nashville. All the trees were decked out in autumn foliage and it was so  incredibly beautiful! I wish we lived there, so does Papa Bear!  I love road trips and this was the first out-of-state one we've shared. I'm looking forward to more in the future!

10) For learning to live my life with no regrets. That doesn't mean that I've never made any mistakes, it's just means I've come to terms with them, accepting them as learning experiences, and have moved on with my life.  Everything I've experienced has made me who I am and I'm good with that.
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  1. Love it - love #10 and that quote!

    Road trips!

    Speaking of trips....whoo hooo!!!! You're almost 'here'!!!

    1. I love #10 too, Carrie. I think we truly begin living in the moment when we come to terms with our past and are ready to let it go. As long as we feel the need to drag it along with us we can never be free. I acknowledge that it happened, and that it shaped who I am, but it doesn't define my life now!

      Yes Ma'am, Georgia bound in just twenty-four hours and counting down!

  2. We have matching rocking recliners that we love.
    You know I love Road Trips!
    These are great; being thankful is great.

    1. There is just something very comforting about sitting side by side with the person you love, if that's "old folks stuff" as I am told, bring it on, love keeps us young at heart!

      Yes, you've had more than one extended road trip in your life, and maybe more to come in the future! I've spent some hours in the cab of a truck, hitchhiking in my youth, the view's great from up there! :-)

      Amen to being thankful, I am so very, undeniably blessed!

  3. I'm still working on living my life with no regrets. I'll get there...

    I believe in rainbows, too. :)

    1. It isn't an easy transition to make, Dana. If I wanted to dwell on it, I could easily list a hundred things I've done "wrong", and just as many choices I made that were truly "bad", but what do we gain by dragging them around as chains, and beating ourselves up over them again and again. I freely acknowledge my shortcomings of both then and now, but I won't let them define me. I know that I am wonderfully created, and I want to become more of what The Creator desires me to be... a witness to His love and His light in this world! I can't do that if I let my heart and mind dwell in dark places. The past is in the past, park it and leave it there! :-)

  4. Road trips and no regrets. That's my two favorite. I really love how you do this.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

    1. Thank you Sandee! Road trips are great fun, even the ones I've taken by myself! I hope that we get to do more of them in the years ahead, there is so much more of this country I want to see. No regrets... that's important! Life is too short to always be wishing the past could have been different. It's over... move on!

  5. Reading, rocking chairs, no regrets. You are my kinda peep!
    Lovin' your A-Z's

  6. Im loving rainbows. Havent seen any lately. But would love too. We have had the rain but not enough sun with it to give us His promise.
    Great list of thankfuls. Love how you are doing the A to Z in thankfuls very clever indeed.

  7. Such an amazing list for R. I'm thankful for my love of Reading too, I would not be able to survive without it. I love that you mentioned Rain and Rainbows, love them both!!


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