Blogging From A to Z... "J"

An Attitude of Gratitude 

1)  For my pen name, Josie Two Shoes - It fits me, feeling more right than my given name, and it's allowed me a bit of privacy to share more without being dogged by family or coworkers.  Yes, they could find me if they wanted to work at it a bit, but thankfully I have managed to fly under the radar thus far.  My given middle name is Jo, so Josie isn't really that far of a stretch.

2)  For journaling.  In previous years I did more journaling on my blog, sometimes to the extreme, and now I do a little more creative writing, but having this space to share my ups and downs has been the best form of free therapy that exists.  The support and encouragement I've found among fellow bloggers has made all the difference in my life.  You guys are the best! :-)

3)  For jingle bells, love 'em, love 'em!  They are part of the magical childhood memories of Christmases long ago, before the days of digital carols being belted out in stores in October.

4)  For blue jeans - if you grew up in the 60's and 70's this was the dress code of the day, and it has remained so for future generations, but the style and decoration have changed greatly, going from "hip huggers" and "elephant bells" with hand stitched embroidery and patches, to today's skinny jeans that barely cover the wearer's private parts and  have minimal space for the bedazzled designs on their backsides.  A pair of jeans doesn't get really comfortable until they are "broken in", and then they become favorites that you wear until they literally fall apart.

5)  For July 4th, officially known as Independence Day, but most commonly referred to as "The 4th of July".  This is definitely one of the most fun holidays of the year, coinciding with the warm days of summer that are just right for swimming, camping, picnics, parades, rodeos and barbecues, and let's not forget the fireworks... that's the very best part of The 4th of July, no matter what age you are! 

6)  For Jello... don't laugh!  If you were brought up in the Jello generation, your mom knew at least a dozen recipes for a variety of Jello salads and Jello desserts, all of which were part of the expected fare at church potlucks and family gatherings.  Although I haven't made one in years, I still have a few tried and tested recipes that are actually quite good, and to this day I still enjoy slurping my way thru a dish of plain black cherry Jello, even better if it's cut in cubes, kid style. 

7) For jigsaw puzzles - a fun and relaxing diversion for fried brains at the end of a day.  I remember once in my teen years assembling a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle that was nothing but a red circle, entitled something clever like "Little Red Riding Hood".  It was challenging to say the least, but I did it, now I ask myself why.  I much prefer jigsaw puzzles that depict fun cat-related artwork that makes me smile.  Those handy roll-up mats are great too, makes it easy to pick up and put away at the end of a puzzle session.

8) For my junk room.  Why am I thankful for a junk room?  Well, because it's a great place to hide the clutter that I am supposed to be addressing/sorting/organizing/disposing of.  We clean and organize it, then manage to let it fill with clutter again, and since Papa Bear and I both know better, I am going to blame the furkids - I so wish they wouldn't do that!! ;-)

9) For joy.  It is said that we cannot know the true measure of joy without first having experienced the deepest measure of sorrow.  I  agree with that because I have lived it.  I have been in that dark place where one has given  up on life and longs for the release that would come with dying. I look at my life then - and it was not very many years ago, and I look at my life now - so very different and more wonderful than anything  I cold have possibly imagined or thought possible, and my heart sings for joy... I know that God loves me and life is good!

10) For justice.  Mercy and justice are the two wings that must work in balance and harmony for a bird to fly.  I love justice, as much as I cherish mercy.  Although there is no perfect system of justice in our world, it is still the ideal, the goal we reach for.  Justice cannot be for only some, it must be for all.
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  1. Definitely for being able to journal. What peace of mind it brings. It's so very freeing and unburdening. I love it!!

    I also love having a pen name so I can try to help others.

    Another great list, Josie. I love this gratitude!!!!! So inspiring =)

    1. I agree Elsie, and being able to share that journal with blog friends is such a blessing, I find their feedback to be so encouraging. Pen names are not only practical, in that they provide privacy, but they are also fun, when enter the blogsphere I am Josie, who is actually far more of the real me than folks in my everyday world know!

  2. Wow some really nice things to be grateful about from J. I love Jingle bells and Journaling ! Keep the good posts coming!!

    1. Thinking of jingle bells made me smile, Judygirl! It's funny how something as simple as that can trigger pleasant memories!

  3. Jello. I was raised on Jello too. Mom did all kinds of different things too, but my favorite was when she added fruit. It came out of the fridge ice cold and it was heavenly. Thanks for the fond memories.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

    1. Ahh, another blogger of my generation. I like Jello with fruit too! My favorite are some little frozen desserts that involve Jello and whipped cream and fruit, and are so refreshing on a warm summer day or fun for a party!

  4. For journaling—yes, I love it! And Jello is wonderful. It's easy; eveyone in the house likes it; you can make fancy-looking but simple desserts with it... It's great! (My husband come from the town where Jello was invented. He had me at Jello. LOL)

    Have a great day!

    1. Too funny Dana, that's the first time I've heard of Jello being used to attract a girl! :-) Computers make journaling so easy, and you can pop a password on it and keep it safe from prying eyes, not so easy with trying to protect something handwritten.

  5. The J's have it!
    My mom always made a sour cream jello mold with strawberries and bananas. It was at every picnic and family get together.I have not made it or thought of it in years. Time to drag out that recipe.

    Been keeping journals for years and years. Fun to look back and see what was going on in my life and my thinking.

    Do you believe that my middle name is Jo, too?

    1. Another Jo kid, how very cool! :-) Papa Bear's mother also went by the name Jo, though her given name was Jovetta.

      Isn't it funny how most of us from that era can recall at least one or two favorite Jello salads that we had over and over? I remember my mother having a whole recipe book of Jello salads and desserts.

      I wish I did have journals from all the past chapters of my life, it would make a great framework for my bio, but I might have to market it as fiction ;-)


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