Crime Never Pays

A worker who wanted a raise
was tired of his boss's cheap ways,
so he sold tools from the shop...
to an undercover cop,
proving once again crime never pays!

This is my contribution to Mad Kane's
2nd Anniversary Edition of Limerick-Off Monday


  1. Replies
    1. Didn't work out quite like he had planned, Green Speck :-)

  2. It's a nice limmerick, Josie. I take it that the company is at fault for not paying him enough? XD
    One of these days I'll start again with limmericks.

    1. Taking things into your own hands is often not such a good idea, Jim. He let his frustration get the best of him and made a really bad decision. Unfortunately, he wasn't a very clever thief. Makes me wonder if he was a good employee.

      Limericks are fun and easy, you should join us next week!

  3. You are very talented. You must never be bored! Great limerick!

    1. I'm not sure about talent Lena, but I certainly enjoy the process, and you are right, bored is not a word in my vocabulary. I could happily write 24/7 and never tire of it :-)


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