Two Shoes Tuesday #20 - Aware

Welcome to Two Shoes Tuesday... a place to share what we enjoy doing most... writing! Each week I provide a one-word writing prompt and invite you to share a short story, poem, essay, thought, or photo relating to that topic. You can add a link to your post anytime, there is no deadline.  You are not required to use the actual word in your post, but please use it as the theme.

The writing prompt for January 15, 2013
(as suggested by The Ranting Monkey)
is "aware"

When you've finished your post, share it with us by adding a link in the Mr. Linky widget below. Please link directly to your Two Shoes Tuesday post, rather than just to your blog. Also, please provide a link on your post back to this one.

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Feel free to email me at with any questions, or to submit suggestions for future word prompts.

Now let's get down to business... tell us about being "aware"!


  1. What a great topic! looking forward to seeing how others interpret Aware!

  2. I have properly linked up with the prompt now. I probably should have waited to publish until today but you know me, when I think it, I write it and hit publish before I even spell check it.

    Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to pick the word and I look forward to everyone's posts.

  3. Hmmm.... so... I haven't yet written to the prompt.... maybe... this time... :) I love the reading though!

  4. Thanks for hosting. Mine isn't as good as Heather's this week. She got on a roll.

  5. I always forget!!! Tuesday, Tuesday! I could have fit that word into today's post.

    Have a great day.

  6. So loved coming and joining in on the fun! It has been awhile since I have. Love your site and loved the prompt.


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