Pondering... Holiday Memories

Holidays are certainly a time when all the memories of past years come into play (or perhaps more accurately - out to play), bringing with them emotions both sweet and bittersweet. 

When you are older, and have lived a life with multiple chapters and relationships, you lack the continuity of a family home and memories that have replayed and grown along with your children over the years.  John has been married three times before, as have I, thus we each carry memories of those years as well as the new memories we have made together in the last four Christmases shared. 

For me, there have been some very sad Christmases, particularly two I spent alone with no one and children not at home, also a couple spent with my ex when it would have been preferable to be alone.  But I also have some wonderful memories of Christmases when the kids were small, and a couple spent with my daughter and her now ex-husband in recent years that were great fun. 

Then there are the Christmases of my childhood... bright with memories of real Christmas trees, colored lights, crunching snow, Christmas carols, and cookies baking in the oven!

Of course the very best holiday memory of all was created just after the end of the year... on January 2nd of 2008 nearly five year ago... that's the date of my first online message exchanges with Papa Bear through Yahoo Personals!  Just a month later we were buying a house and making plans to be together!  Talk about whirlwind romance... some things are just meant to be!

You will often hear me say now "Make good memories!"  That's the secret to coming to terms with those that are not so good... replace them in in your heart and mind with new ones of good times shared with people you love.  Fill your heart with joyful memories that you can replay when ever life needs a bit of brightening.  It's magic that works! 

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  1. What a great post Josie... and you are so right that we should just make new memories....
    I do believe that some things are just meant to be... perhaps I should go scour the Yahoo Personals?

    1. Making good memories is so important Brenda, the reality of that hits home when we see young lives cut short. It is important that we make the time for those we love!

      Yahoo Personals is no longer open, but there are a few other great sites out there..., e-harmony, plenty-of-fish, etc. While one has to be willing to sort thru a bunch of toads and shady characters, it is always possible that you could find your Prince Charming, just as I did! :-)

  2. MAKE GOOD MEMORIES ....I love it Josie and you this was a very perfect post for me to read today. Have a good weekend ','

    1. Yes, J, make good memories... do it today, don't postpone it! We never know when it will be our last opportunity. I said the same thing to the store cashier today who was telling me about her new husband who has a failing heart. It isn't about the amount of time you have with someone, it's about the special moments, the memories you make together!

  3. A very beautiful post, Josie. Many of us, who have lived lives less rocky than your own, have bad memories too… sometimes connected to holidays that were meant to be happy… that were the very symbol of happiness until this or that happened. But your solution is true for us all. Remembering what is good and treasuring it… whether it go back all the way to another time and another world… or whether it go back only a few years… is the sugar on the cake, and gives perspective to all we’ve gone through. I am so happy for you, every time I think of how well things have turned out for you and your dear mate, papa bear.

    1. What a lovely comment, Shimon! I think that most of us have some hurtful memories that like to bounce around in our heads now and then and cause us sadness. We can choose to let them take over or we can decide to push them away, and to redirect our hearts and minds to the happy memories and moments we have shared with those we love. God has blessed me greatly Shimon, I am thankful for all that I have expereienced, because it has brought me here!


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