Looking Back... Looking Forward

From my archives...

December 31, 2007... Written one year after I left my ex and just a few days before I met my beloved Papa Bear.

February 21, 2009... I didn't write a New Year's Eve post in 2008, this was written two months later as I was settling into my newly married life.

December 31, 2009... My father died on December 30th and we were preparing to fly home to South Dakota for his funeral.

December 31, 2010... Returning to the blogsphere after a year's hiatus.

December 31, 2011... A year of struggle ending with me resigning from my job.

December 31, 2012... And here we are, at the end of another year!  It's been five years since I wrote that first post linked above.  Funny how fast time seems to pass when you are older, yet when you are a child the months seem to crawl by and becoming "grown up" takes forever! 

If anyone would have tried to tell me on New Year's Eve 2007 how my life was going to begin change in just a few days, I would have thought they were crazy!  Yet, look how much it has changed... I now have an amazing new love, a new life, a new home, a new state of residence, a new job, and four beloved furkids!  I am writing more than I ever did before, and feel more secure in my writing efforts.  Most importantly, I now have a strong underlying sense of peace and contentment that I never felt before! 

Life isn't always easy my friends, for me it hasn't been a piece of cake, and I have no one to blame for that but myself.  Yet I don't waste a lot of time on blame and regret, life is too short to spend it that way. I look at those years as learning experiences... powerful ones! 

I am her to testify (over and over so that everyone within earshot hears my message), that no matter how you feel about yourself and where your life is at now, it can change. It can change in ways you never dared to dream possible!  The darkest hour truly is right before dawn, and sometimes our greatest moments of despair come right before we discover new meaning,  purpose and direction right around the corner... things that we couldn't see coming before we made that turn!  Never give up, never lose hope, never abandon faith... these things will see you thru the worst of times, and be a cause of celebration in the best of times!

I can honestly sit here on this quiet New Year's Eve, comfy in my rocking chair next to my beloved Papa Bear, surrounded by devoted furkids, with Happy New Year texts popping into my phone from near and far, and say without a doubt that I am blessed.  "Life is good now, life is truly good!  I know that I am strong enough to face whatever bumps appear in the road in the future, and I am ever eager to begin the journey.  Maybe I will even surprise myself and make a few self-improvements along the way.  Remember that if we want things to change we have to be willing to do something different! :-)



  1. You always are a cheerleader, encouraging and inspiring others. I think that must be your purpose in life, sharing your experiences. You have found your calling. Keep sharing. Happy New Year.

    1. Thank you McGuffy Ann! I have known for a long time that God's purpose for me is to encourage others. I don't have a lot of special talents in life, but that is something I can do... care and encourage, it's something we all can do! Wishing you a truly happy new year too!

  2. I agree with Ann. You are such an inspiration and always encouraging. Just what we all need some days...and some maybe more than others.

    1. Thanks Robin! I find that affirmative writing helps me to focus on being more positive too... kind of a write it, see it, believe it approach. :-)

  3. You are like my blogging life coach, Josie. I seriously don't know what I would do without your words of wisdom. Thank you so much for everything. Wishing you much joy in the coming year xxxx

    1. Thank you Selma! Wisdom comes from banging your head against the wall repeatedly... sometimes for years...until you finally realize that it hurts and you need to try something different! I am a slow learner, but I think I'm finally catching on a bit. Wishing you a wonderful new year too, I think it's going to be a good one! :-)


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