We Have the Power!

This week the writing prompt for Two Shoes Tuesday is "Choice".  As I sat here thinking about what to write, I remembered the following post that I wrote on April 28, 2012.  To me it's a powerful statement well worth the read, so I'm reposting it here.  (I'll be back tonight with a second post about choice that I'm working on.)

We have the power to choose!

"Make good choices" is something you will often hear me say. It's another thing I feel passionate about. Why? Because every choice you make affects your relationships, your life, and your future - what doors will be open to you and which ones will be closed. Even the smallest choices about right and wrong become habits that will affect you for a life time. I have made many lousy questionable choices in my life, and have had to struggle much more because of them.  Yes, they were learning experiences, but I could have made the learning process much less painful if I would have put more thought into the consequences of my choices.  Choose wisely... think it through!

Years ago I was given a small paperback book entitled The Greatest Miracle in the World, by Og Mendino.  It's an amazing story that will uplift the life of anyone who reads it!  Contained within the book is one of the most beautiful and powerful affirmations I have ever read, entitled The God Memorandum.  In fact this chapter  became so popular that it has since been published as a book of it's own.

What follows is an excerpt from The God Memorandum. I have it framed and hanging on my wall to serve as a constant reminder that we were not created as weak beings with lives tossed to and fro by the winds of fate, but rather we were given the power to chose how we will live our lives.   Read it... believe it... live it! 

I gave you the power to think.
I gave you the power to love
I gave you the power to will.
I gave you the power to laugh.
I gave you the power to imagine.
I gave you the power to create.
I gave you the power to plan.
I gave you the power to speak.
I gave you the power to pray
I gave you the power to choose...

Choose to love. . .rather than hate 
Choose to laugh. . .rather than cry.
Choose to create. . .rather than destroy.
Choose to persevere. . .rather than quit.
Choose to praise. . .rather than gossip.
Choose to heal. . .rather than wound.
Choose to give. . .rather than steal.
Choose to act…rather than procrastinate.
Choose to grow. . .rather than rot.
Choose to pray. . .rather than curse.
Choose to live. . .rather than die.

I encourage you to read The God Memorandum in it's entirety, and even better... The Greatest Miracle in the World - it's a book you will never forget!

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  1. Josie,
    This post is dead on.... the choices we make change our lives either positively or negatively. The old saying haste makes waste comes deeply into play where choices are concerned.

    1. You are right Brenda, children need to be taught from the very beginning to think about the consequences of their choices and actions, there is a time to be spontaneous in life, but that doesn't preclude using good sense! Our emotions are not always are best guide. Ahh, if only I would have realized that sooner! :-)

  2. Everything is a choice, isn't it? Of course, we don't choose some things that happen to us, but we choose how to react and how to live given our circumstances. Great post!

    1. I loved your statement Judy, yes... come to think about it everything is a choice, from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep at night we choose how we will deal with what the day hands us, and with the people we encounter. How we react makes ALL the difference, not just today but in the long run over time too! Thank you!

  3. Thanks Josie for the post and being a good host!! I loved those words of wisdom from the book you suggest I am going to check it out tonite :) ~Janice~

    1. It is a truly wonderful book Janice, I've given many copies away as gifts, so very inspiring, and yet so simple to understand. I'll be eager to hear what yu think of it!

  4. What excellent advice there is here. I shall certainly take a copy to ensure I choose the right one!

    1. That's exactly why I have it posted up on my office wall, Old Egg, to remind me of what kind of person I want to be and what choices I want to make in life!

  5. this was beautiful..... I'm not a good at making choices. I always realize this after the fact.
    love these words. I should also have this framed!
    thanks Josie

    1. I love that it reminds us that WE have the power of choice, it is under our control Robin! I'm not good at making choices either, but look what we have learned from those "mistakes" that I prefer to call life-lessons! We will both get better at it if we keep trying, and consider our motives carefully before moving ahead. Print out the words and hang them on the fridge! :-)


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