Thirty Days of Thankfulness

Today is a special day in America, set aside to give thanks for all we have in our lives that is good.  For me, everyday is a day of thanksgiving.  I am ever mindful of what my life was once like, and I am so thankful for how very blessed I am now!

At the beginning of November someone started "30 Days of Thankfulness" on Facebook, with folks posting something they are thankful for each day as their status.  I loved the idea!  This is what I've posted so far... 
Nov. 1 - I am thankful that I am a child of God and that faith has always seen me through.
Nov. 2 - I am thankful that God saved the very best for last and brought Papa Bear into my life to share my senior years with... he is wonderful, amazing, more than I ever knew a man could be!

Nov. 3 - I am thankful that my children have grown up to be caring, loving, responsible adults that are able to take care of themselves and are always there for me. I could not be more proud of them!

Nov. 4 - I am thankful for the simple little home and slice of land we own free and clear. I love the quiet here, the wide open spaces, and gazing at the stars at night. I love the security of not needing to worry about the ever increasing costs to live in town.

Nov. 5 - I'm thankful that my beloved Papa Bear loves furkids as much as I do. They bring a lot of entertainment, love and laughter to our house! :-)

Nov. 6 - I am thankful that I live in a country where we have a voice in our government, and where we have freedom of speech, and the freedom to dissent. Those are very precious gifts that do not exist everywhere

Nov. 7 - I am thankful for the beautiful fall weather we've had in West Texas this year. Wearing sandals and short sleeves in November is far different from the way I grew up! It looks like it's going to be another really nice day. Wish I could stay outside and play! :-)

Nov. 8 - I am thankful that both Papa Bear and I have good jobs and are still physically able to do them. I deal with people every day that are unable to work due to legitimate disabilities such as illness or injury and have lost their homes, lives, and dignity because of it. I realize that this could happen to anyone of us at any time. Count your blessings!

Nov. 9 - Today I am ever so thankful it is Friday, as I am every Friday! Friday's were made for celebration. This week has been a high-pressure one at work, with so much to accomplish amidst the never-ending ringing of phones. But in the end it all gets done, and life has a way of evening back out again. I am thankful that I know this. I can always look forward to Fridays, when we can slide into the finish line and say "Ahhhhh, we survived another one"- and walk out the door smiling! :-)

Nov. 10 - There are always blessings to be counted, even when we have to search thru storm clouds to find them. If you believe you have no blessings in your life, you aren't looking! Today I am thankful for my husband as the strong, caring leader of his family. That he knows right from wrong, listens, thinks things through, and holds us together. I am thankful for family in all the forms it takes in my life, we walk the road together; we make it day by day.

Nov. 11 - I am thankful for true friends - the ones that "get" you, respect you, and cherish you - the ones who are honest with you, encourage you, have your best interests at heart, and can always be trusted - the ones that you can pick up with right where you left off, whether it's been five minutes or five years since you last connected.

Nov. 12 - When I awoke this morning it was 29 degrees outside, reminding me that winter is on it's way. I am so very thankful for the things I too often take for granted... food, clothing, and shelter. My thoughts and prayers this morning are with those who are living on the streets in Odessa and elsewhere. May God bless them and keep them in His care... and may we all remember to do our part to end suffering.

Nov. 13 - Today I am thankful for the folks at my office building whose presence makes this a nicer place to be - Mickey, the security guard, and Mary, the cleaning lady, who never fail to share a smile and a friendly greeting when I arrive in the morning. It's a really blessed way to start off each day.

Nov. 14 - Today, and every day, I am thankful for the Internet, that magical web that has allowed me to stay in touch with family, build friendships with people from all over the world, research and learn about anything and everything at the click of a few keys, and share my words with a group of writers more inspiring than I ever could have imagined! How did we ever live without it? :-)

Nov. 15 - I am so very thankful for my husband's handyman skills and determination. He has saved us a fortune in repairs and maintenance, and has done so many things to improve our land and home. I love a man who can fix things... and do an awesome job of it! :-)

Nov. 16 - Today I am thankful I survived the work week, it was a tough one. I am thankful that I have weekends off,  I wish Papa Bear did too. I am also thankful that I have learned a bit more verbal restraint as I've grown older, at least I didn't bite any heads off this week... but I was tempted! :-)

Nov. 17 - Today I am thankful that I realize the most vauable thing we have in life are our relationships, those who care about us and love us, those we share ourselves with. Material things pale by comparison, they are more "wants" than true needs. In reality we can live much more simply, with far less, and yet have very good and happy lives.

Nov. 18 - I am thankful for the gift of life, and even more thankful for treasured friends and family members who have at some point considered or attempted suicide, but were diverted from that course. Many of us will experience times of devastation and despair in our lives, but if we hold on tight, better days are sure to come.

Nov. 19 - I am thankful for the ability to listen with reason and fairness, even when my emotions are trying to sway my opinion. I want to choose the right path and the right decisions, regardless of whether they are always the easiest or most comfortable.

Nov. 20 - I am thankful for people who are honest, genuine and real, who don't play games, and who would never smile to your face and betray your trust, who are there for you always, without question or doubt

Nov. 21 - I am thankful that both Papa Bear and I work for businesses that do nice things for their employees. Papa Bear was given a big spiral cut ham for Thanksgiving and our boss gave us a $50 bonus!
Nov.22 - I am thankful that so many people have opted to count their blessings and post something positive on their Facebook page each day this month. What a refreshing change from what we often find here! 

I had to smile at the folks who dropped out after the first few days.  Weren't they getting enough "likes" from their Facebook friends, or did they run out of blessings so soon?  I'm thinking that if you can't find any blessings in your life to  count, you aren't looking very hard, and maybe you should try again! :-)

I find myself wondering why it has to end on November 30th.  What if we continued on for another month, and another... to count our blessings for a whole year?!


  1. What a fully blessed life. I think many would find more to be grateful for if they took the time to look.

    Have a wonderful day and may your blessings continue.

    1. Indeed it is now, Gail! I appreciate you taking the time to read through this long post, the fonts were giving me fits, but I so wanted to share it here! I believe that there ARE blessings to be found in every day if we train our hearts and minds to see them!

  2. Wonderful things to be grateful for. I'd like to add one - I am grateful for knowing you. It is a blessing xxx

    1. Imagine a world, Selma, in which all children were taught to county their blessings each night, so that they would grow up realizing that we ARE indeed blessed, even at the hardest times in our lives. There are always candles in the darkness! It is my priviledge and joy to have met you thru blogging, you uplift me with your beautiful walking tours, and your words inspire me... it works both ways, that's the beauty of blogging! xoxo

  3. Well, there is a new daily post challenge (or weekly) A gratitude post!....

    1. And I will start by saying I'm thankful for stopping by your blog.

    2. Hi Arvilla, thank you for stopping by to read! I am going to try to continue counting my blessings both here and on Facebook. I am challenging myself to find something good in each day! Doing so made me more conscious of it, and of my part in creating a more positive world!

  4. i am so thankful for your advice this week I hope it works out.

    1. Fingers crossed, Penelope, I am thankful for the blessing of your friendship and I'm praying this will be the answer to the peace you seek! xoxo


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