The Sound of Joy

Scotty Peterson was born deaf, and had navigated the world in silence until his third birthday when the time finally came for the cochlear implant surgery that would dramatically change his life.  Scotty's most beloved friend and ever-present companion Max, the family dog, had roamed the house constantly while Scotty was in the hospital, barely eating and obviously deeply concerned about his missing buddy. 

Finally the car pulled into the driveway and Max came bounding out of the house, tail wagging furiously with hope. Scotty's mom released him from his carseat and he raced across the yard as fast as his chubby toddler legs could go, heading straight for Max with outstretched arms.  Unable to contain his excitement, Max let out a deep woof of greeting as he and Scotty tumbled together on the grass, and Scotty laughed with delight at hearing the sound of joy for the first time in his life.
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  1. That is innocent and sweet.


  2. This is such a sweet story ... loved it :-)

  3. Thanks for providing a beautiful glimpse into a profoundly positive moment.

  4. Your story created a sound of joy in my heart. Beautiful.

  5. the miracles of the medical world!!

  6. Love this story. You defined joy, pure & simple.

  7. There's no way to fake the emotions in a situation like this, and you did a good jobs of portraying it.

  8. Love this! The emotions are definitely tugged!


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