Bluer Than Blue

Reading the entries for Two Shoes Tuesday this week, where the writing prompt is "BLUE", I started making a mental list of all the things we connect with the word blue, and decided to share it with you...
  1. Blue Angels
  2. blue balls
  3. blue bayou
  4. blue blood
  5. blue book
  6. blue cheese dressing
  7. blue coat
  8. blue corn
  9. blue crab
  10. blue eyes
  11. blue flies
  12. blue for boys
  13. blue haired old ladies
  14. blue ice
  15. blue jay
  16. blue jeans
  17. blue jokes
  18. blue lagoon
  19. blue laws
  20. Blue Light Special
  21. blue lips
  22. blue maize
  23. Blue Man Group
  24. blue marlin
  25. Blue Merle Sheltie
  26. blue mood
  27. blue moon
  28. Blue Oyster Cult
  29. blue ribbon
  30. Blue Ridge Mountains
  31. blue rose
  32. blue screen
  33. blue shark
  34. blue skies
  35. Blue Smoke Maine Coon
  36. blue spruce
  37. blue suede shoes
  38. blue swallowtails
  39. blue sweater
  40. blue tick hound
  41. blue velvet
  42. blue walls
  43. blue water
  44. blue whale
  45. Bluebeard
  46. bluebells
  47. blueberry
  48. bluebird
  49. bluebells
  50. blueberry
  51. bluebird
  52. bluegill
  53. bluegrass
  54. blue-nosed mule
  55. bluestreak
  56. Bluetooth
  57. Babe the Blue Ox
  58. baby blue
  59. black and blue
  60. Blue's Clues
  61. blues music
  62. feeling blue
  63. Delta Blues
  64. Devil with the blue dress on :-)
  65. Karner Blue Butterfly
  66. Kentucky bluegrass
  67. midnight blue
  68. Mission Blue Butterfly
  69. Moody Blues
  70. navy blue
  71. Pabst Blue Ribbon
  72. Rhythm & Blues
  73. royal blue
  74. Russian Blue 
  75. turning blue
I will no doubt think of more as the day goes on. Feel free to note more in the comments below and I'll add them to the list. Let's see what all there is to be blue about! :-)


  1. You've covered lots of 'blues' I am trying to add to list!

    1. It's amazing how many there really are, Joanne! :-)

  2. I lke your list, Josie. I picked # 27 last night before you even posted this list. But I am just now posting my 'Two Shoes' entry.

    1. Awesome Jim! I was hoping someone would do "blue suede shoes" (which is now #28 since I added another one to the list) :-)

  3. great list the time i get to the end, I have to start over because i forget what I've already read....LOL
    I'm with Jim....#27 was my first pick. I will try to get my post in ASAP

    1. This was great brain exercise, Robin. Surprising how many there really are! Eager to see what you do with blue! No hurry though, you've got 'til Friday to post it!

  4. Well now this one heck of a prompt, with all that and my brain is still empty ..ah well now everyone knows my secret I am at an impasse words swirling none cohesive yet LOL :)

    1. That same thing happens to me Len, all the great prompts and ideas in the world and when I sit down to choose something my brain goes blank. Once I get a plan, I'm good to go, but inspiration has to strike first! Will be watching for your lightbulb to flash! :-)

  5. The only thing I can come up with is blue balls. How's that for a lesbian answer?

    1. Too funny Maria! That one actually occured to me too, then I thought - oh Lord, every perv on the net will search my sight for blue balls. We'll see if my stats increase accordingly! :-)

  6. Blue Tooth...which I'll never accept!

    1. Excellent McGuffy Ann! That one never occured to me! Did you get your phone/headphones/tablet synced up ok?

  7. Oh...Rhythm & Blues, Delta Blues...

    1. Lordy, how did I forget R&B? The music influence in your house is shining thru :-)

  8. My first thought, and I cannot explain why, was blew your nose.

    As my mind returned to my control, I thought of Russian Blue.

    1. Hehe, love it! Maybe because you've been feeling so lousy lately, Monkey. Hope you're doing much better by now! Leave it to a cat person to come up with Russian Blue, and they are so incredibly beautiful!

    2. I'm getting better, thanks.

      Given that you are probably the only person I know that loves cats as much as I do, I was surprised you missed that one.

  9. McGuffy Ann is on a roll this morning (literally) and texted in a bunch more that I added to the list! Crazy how many blue connections we've all come up with! I wonder if that would be true of any other color?

  10. Ummm...Wow. That is quite a list.

    Love your crocus-y blog background! Such a lovely color.

    1. We're definitely in "blue mode" here Jenny, it's been fun! Purple is my favorite color, hence the background. :-)


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