It's A Zoo!

This week has been  a zoo!

Too few hours in the day.

Way too much work to do.

Today is Saturday, what to do?

I know...

We should go visit the zoo!

We are heading down the road to Abilene and a trip to the zoo :-)

I'm linking up with Cate at Six Word Saturday... join us there!


  1. Zoo animals are always the most tender. Happy hunting!

  2. You and I had 'twin' weeks then!! Shew....I didn't think it would let up!!!! A trip to the zoo sounds like the perfect remedy!

    Have fun!

  3. I am probably one of the three people in the world who don't like zoos. The zoo in our city is known world wide but what I remember is being a little girl and sitting on the bench outside of the tiger's cage, feeling sick for that majestic creature who paced back and forth, back and forth, in his jail. Now, the zoo is much better. The tigers and lions have huge vistas to run around in, but I still don't really like them. Liv went to the the zoo for the first time when she was in kindergarten and she was the only child in her class who had never been before.

  4. A little bit of escapism never comes in wrong ...

  5. I like going to the zoo but do sort of feel like Maria. I wonder how I would feel in a cage with people paying to see me?

  6. Enjoy your outing! I am staying inside today because it is rainy and stormy! But I am enjoying it.

    Happy SWS!


  7. I used to be like Maria - hating zoos and finding them sickening and sad....After 20 or so years of not going, I went to a zoo in Melbourne, Fla, and found the changes and progress make much better and more natural habitats for the animals...

  8. Anywhere with your honey is nice. Enjoy!

  9. I always enjoy a good zoo, but I'm with the others who say they're much more enjoyable now that the animals don't seem like such sad prisoners.

  10. I once again a day to late,,,hmmm I love zoo's I am hoping to take Jaxon here in Nov to the SF zoo hope you enjoyed your trip :]


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