Count Me In!

Wow! My awesome friend Carrie at The Slow-Dripped Life is doing an amazing Give-Away with the prize being a Get-Away for two!  Seriously!!  All you need to do to enter is to answer the question that she provides each week on your blog. The contest runs from now thru December 1st. Go and read all about it here, and join in the fun!

To earn this week's entry for the drawing she's asking us to "name the top five places that you would like to visit but have never been." 

Here's my wish list:
1. The California Redwoods
2. A Mississippi Riverboat Cruise
3. A warm secluded beach anywhere
4. Alaska
5. Ireland/Scotland

If we ask Carrie a question in return, we receive an additional entry in the prize-drawing, and you know how much I love to ask questions, so here's my question for her this week...

If you had the opportunity to go anywhere in the world for one year by yourself, but you wouldn't have telephone or Internet access, would you go?  (If no, why not? If yes, where, and why there?)


  1. I think it would be cool to visit Alaska and to take a Mississippi riverboat cruise......but for me I really want to take a trip to the top end of Australia

    1. Come join the fun, then, Jo-Anne! You never know!!!

    2. Yay Josie! The first to respond! Awesome!

      You picked some incredible places - narrowing it down to five was a bit hard for me because there are so many places I would like to go.

      To answer your initial reaction was -YES! I'd go in a heartbeat!!! BUT then I thought about being away from family for a year and that gave me pause. Since this is quite the fantasy though, I would have no problem begin by myself for a year elsewhere - maybe a small island community, a third world tropical beach location. Anywhere the pace is nothing like here in the states. Wouldn't mind that at all!

    3. I'd love to visit Australia, Jo-Anne! I know a bunch of very cool bloggers from across the pond! :-)

    4. It was hard to pick just five places, Carrie, but then I've also been some places before that I would love to go again, like back to Germany where I lived for a couple years, and of course back to Dakota to visit my friends on the rez, and... and...! :-)

      Great answer on my question, my thoughts on it were pretty much the same. I'd love to do it, but not sure I could endure being apart from family that long, and that goes for my Internet family too! ;-)

  2. Oh, dang it, dang it, I forgot about Ireland and Alaska when I wrote my post! See, it's too hard to narrow it down...I want to go everywhere! Great list! This should be fun :)

    1. That's funny. With each post I read, I come up with more places I want to go!

  3. a beach DEFINITELY! I would live on the beach, if I could.


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