An Encouraging Word

Encouragement... we can never give or receive too much of it! 

For this week's Five on Friday I give you five things we need to tell each other more often...

1. You are such an awesome person; having you in my life makes me happy! 

2. You did such a great job on ____________________ .  I knew you could do it!

3. I really like the way you handled ____________________. I am proud of you!

4. I love knowing that I can depend on you, that you are always there for me!

5. Thank you for _________________________. It really means a lot to me!

Now, shut your eyes and think for a moment... what would you most like to hear someone tell you today, what kind of encouragment do you need?  Then, find someone to share that very bit of encouragement with... I guarantee that it will mean just as much to them!

Encouraging words... they only take a minute of your time, but can make all the difference! 

Have you said anything encouraging today?  Have you made anyone smile?
(Not sure what to write about today?   Make your own "Five on Friday" list about anything. I'd love to have you join me!)


  1. I wish more parents would remember to do this for their kids and more spouses would do this for each other...such simple sentiments go such a long way!

    Happy weekend Josie =)

    1. I do too Elsie, we all get busy with our daily lives and forget the little things we can do that make the people we care about feel so good... vitamins for the soul! :-)

  2. This is so true. As humans, it is easy to complain...more difficult to compliment.
    Bill & I make time to actually say we love each other, and encourage each other every day. It is something that really matters. With him on the road, it is even more of a connection...and important.

    1. We do too, Annie! We send each other text notes during the day, and we say I love you many times over. I make sure John knows how very important he is to me... relationships should never be taken for granted! Everyone needs to hear those words, even if they already know! :-)

  3. I am going with #5 Thank you for this post today Josie it really means alot!!!

    1. Thank you Janice, that made me smile... you got the message just right! :-))

  4. Words of encouragement. We all need it from time to time. And there are times we need to give it. Thanks josie. For all your kind words.


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