Southpaw Proud

Today is International Left-Handers Day!  I'm one of the 10% of our population who can lay claim to being special... a "southpaw" and proud of it!  None of my parents, siblings, or children share this attribute with me.  It could explain a lot of things, just saying! :-)


  1. Hubby is too - I'll have to wish him Happy Left-handers Day and Happy Left-handers Day to you!

  2. Well, happy lefty day to you! I'll have to pass this along to my nephew, who is also a southpaw. His whole life, my husband has teased him by saying, "I didn't know you were left-handed" whenever he sees the kid eating/writing/whatever. He's 13 now, and it's only been in about the past year that he's on to my hubby and doesn't get drawn in. ;-)

  3. There are great Southpaws out there, from Bill's Dad to Josie Two Shoes.
    You write wonderful things, whichever hand you use. Thank you for sharing!

  4. High five with our left hands, sister! ME TOO!!!! My grandfather was a lefty and so I share this trait with one cousin. My husband is also a lefty and both our kiddos are righties.

  5. I have no idea of what exactly this explains...

    1. Hello Shimon! "Southpaw" is another term for someone who is left-handed dominant, meaning they naturally use their left hand (instead of the right hand which 90% of the population uses) to do things such as write and eat. In many cultures the left hand is considered unclean or evil, and use of it for things such as eating or touching another is forbidden. In former times children were forced to write with their right hand in school, often with cruel methods such as tying the left behind their back. It caused emotional problems, and was eventually discontinued, thankfully!

  6. My cousin was left-handed (still is.) We went to primary school together in the early 1970s and the nuns made her write with her right hand. They actually tied her left hand to her body saying to write with your left hand was the mark of the devil. It was absolutely barbaric. Her parents objected and they stopped doing it but I know it was a really traumatic time for my cousin. Those nuns really did get away with murder.


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